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anyone out there have an asua a8v deluxe using an amd dual core proc? if so , was there any problems doing so & what bios did you need to run them?
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  1. 33 looks & no replies. I guess no one is running an a8v with a dual core.
  2. i cant be the only one with this board that wants to run an X2 on it. then again, maybe i am.
  3. You pioneer, you! Good luck!
  4. thanks. i may have an old tech board, but it runs very well. i have an a64 3200+ oc'd to 2.4. was wondering if this board could run an x2 3800+ that i might be able to over clock the same way. guess i'll wait a couple of more days to see if anyone has already done it.
  5. I was running an A8V deluxe with a X2 4400+. Recently I upgraded to an A8N32-SLI with all new hardware only same CPU. When I was using the A8V I flashed the newest bios (1017) and it worked with the X2, but I had a couple of issues and instabilities since then. Before the X2 I had a A64 3500+ on there that worked perfectly, but after the X2 I had problems. So why not just upgrade your Motherboard?
  6. Quote:
    You pioneer, you! Good luck!

    I cant believe no one else was able to reply to this. :lol:
  7. sorry for the delay, was out of town, no e-mail. don't want to change MB since this one works so well, was thinking of getting an X2 when the prices drop after conroe comes out, may still get a new MB. i'm also surprised that no one else seems to have used the MB with an X2. thanks for the help.
  8. I'm going to buy an X2 for my A8V deluxe in a week or two: the prices are getting pretty sweet :D .

    I'll let you know how it works out.

  9. THANKS, I'll be waiting to see how it works out, hope it doe's, i'll want to get one my self.
  10. I had my 4400+ on an a8v deluxe. I flashed my bios to 1017 and it ran great. I just did not like the board for overclocking! If you want an x2 I say go for it. You will love the multi-tasking from it. Flash you bios befor you but the x2 in!
  11. thanks, i'll be getting a 3800+ x2 next week. i'll be sure to upgrade the bios before installing the new proc. hopefully i'll be able to over clock it close to the 3200+ i have now. i have that running at 2.5 on air, stock volts.
  12. I did not have much luck overclocking with my a8v deluxe. I had a 3500+ that would hit 2.5ghz, but when I went to my 4400+ I could not get it to go 5mhz over stock. Wish you luck on your new to be toy! Let us know how it works for you. P.S. My a8v deluxe was Rev 1.1. You will have better luck clocking with a Rev 2.0
  13. mine is revision 2.0
  14. my x2 3800+ arrived today, will get it installed in a couple of days, will let you know how it works. did you get yours yet? if so, how 's it working?
  15. Today must be my lucky day or maybe some people here have psychic skills or something.

    Just about 2 hours ago i was searching for a thread like this, even considered creating one (now i´m happy i didn´t - i don´t like flaming).

    I´ve an Asus A8v-e Deluxe rev 1.03 and have been looking if i could possibly put a x2 into it. I couldn´t find any real help on the net since everyone that tried to put a x2 into the socket mysteriously stopped posting in either the asus forums or wherever i found those posts.

    If anyone here gets it working or knows anything about it, PLEASE post about it!

    PS: And watch your backs. Just in case, maybe Asus or Via have some nasty hitmen thing going...
  16. will do. i have revision 2.0 myself. don't know if that will make a difference compared to yours.
  17. Quote:
    will do. i have revision 2.0 myself. don't know if that will make a difference compared to yours.

    Heck, i just figured out that the A8V Deluxe and the A8V-E Deluxe are two totally different beasts. :(

    Good Luck anyway!
  18. bios updated to 1017, 3800+ x2 installed, running fine at 2.2 right now, will keep it like this t
    for a couple of days before i start pushing it more. will post again in a couple of days.
  19. now have the x2 3800+ running at 2.4 ghtz on my a8v deluxe, revision 2. no problems so far.
  20. have my x2 3800+ at 2.5 now, stock cooling and volts. no problems with the a8v deluxe.
  21. I just installed the 4000+ in mine. It may take a bios upgrade. I have the stock a8v. If you go to asus, under downloads put in your boards info, then go to the cpu section it will show you which bios supports the processor. I have the latest and it supports everything amd has out in a socket 939.
  22. I've been running an X2 4800+ in my A8V deluxe for two days, using Bios version 18. No problems, and it's at least 100% faster at dvd ripping than my 3500+ single core. Schweet!

  23. Hi all,

    Im running A8V non deluxe with X2 3800+. is there a difference between the Deluxe and non-Deluxe?
    I can't seem to get my speeds past 2.3ghz. Higher volts, lower multipliers, nth really to get me past 230mhz HTT. I found a forum (can't remember which one) where there's a random problem with the Deluxe mobo that gives limited results of HTT overclocking. Also, there was a post on Asus forum where this guy posted saying he cannot go past 233mhz HTT.

    2.3ghz isn't a bad OC. However, i've read how a lot of people out there who can get 2.4ghz easily on stock voltage. I'm just not satisfied with my 2.3ghz :( .

    If someone out there can give some suggestions, pls do.

    btw roncpem, i'm jealous of ur 2.5ghz~! but congrats on such speed on stock voltage!
  24. A8V are not good for overclocking. I had a 3500+ clawhammer in my board and no matter what I did I could not get past 228htt. I put that sme chip in to a dfi board and I got it to 250htt. I know that the a8v had a problem with the pci/agp locks not working and that could be holding you back.
  25. roncpem
    Can you post your OC settings on that 2,5GHz (great oc btw!).
    I´m running A8V-E SE + x2 3800 @2,4 currently. Hoping to get 2,66.

  26. mine is a deluxe, revision 2, i have used the ram dividers, if i remember right, they are at 3/2 & my htt is running at 250, ram is at 210, corsair value select(2 x 512} & my 3800+ x2 is running at 2.5 on air & stock volts. my board does have an agp/pci lock on it. no problems.
  27. yes, i just checked, over clocking set to manual, cpu fsb set to 250, cpu speed/volts set to auto, agp/pci frequency set to 66.66/33.33, mem clock mode set to limit, memclock to cpu ratio set to 3:2. mine is an asus a8v deluxe, revision 2 board. i'm sising an x2 3800 + which is currently running at 2.5, my ram is value select, 1 gig in (2 x 512) form. now running at 211. hope this helps.
  28. Thanks for your reply.
    I got mine running @2,527. Memory div. 5:6, htt 266 (memory 222) and cpu multiplier 9,5. With 10x @2,66 it needs more volts I think. System will boot, but it´s quite unstable. Temps look good though, idle 37C load 43C. Going back to 2,4.
  29. wow, it will do it. congrats. your probably better off backing it down a bit so its stable but again, great work.
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