Antec Sonata II PS making a strange noise after powering off

So I just noticed the other night after I turned off my PC that the power supply was making a strange noise. I got a little closer for a listen and hear a slight 'pssssssss' sound like a low electrical hum or buzz. The frequency of the noise changed to a little bit higher every couple of seconds, almost like it was powering up and then down or something. I got so annoyed with the noise I just unplugged the power cable from the computer and plan to do this every time I turn it off, this probably isn't a very good way to deal with it though.
I've had this case for not even a year now, I got it last August and this is the first time I've recognized this noise. I have no problems running the computer, it's just when I shut it off it does it. It definently sounds like there is something wrong with it, I'm hoping it won't need to be replaced. That would really suck having an Antec power supply go on you in less than a year. :?
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  1. i dont think i should be an issue. few of my older PSU's do that.
  2. Yeah, this is a sound common to older power supplies.

    You're hearing frequency variations from varying input power (residual energy left in the capacitors) coming from the switching circuitry.

    I believe what makes this whole thing audible is vibrations in the transformer/ferrite core that is responsible for converting MAINS voltage to high frequency AC.

    But, err... that's just me. Should be fine...

  3. *phew*
    That's good to know, dunno if it's been happening for awhile or not but it did worry the heck out of me. Was thinking I was gonna have to backup my whole computer just in case 8O
    Is it ok to be hitting the power switch on the back every time I turn off the computer as well? I can't see anything happening as a result of that but I have no idea tbh.
    Thanks for the info though guys.
  4. no problem
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