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Hello everyone

i need some advice on which case to buy,
curently i have a ,,decent computer,, in a not-so-decent case(pure junk actually :oops: ).
i already drew an upgrade path for it:
-now, expensive case+expensive ps
-2006, dx10 ,,monster,, card
-2007 march, conroe mid-highend cpu+mb
i live in italy sow my choices are limited unless i buy from the web(i dont really trust this method-opinions?).
My needs for the case are in this order:low noise, easy cooling, future proof, expandability. IT MUST BE MID-TOWER! Feel free to reccomend anything, money is not a problem(just keep it under 300 dollars).
My real problem is that the following cases are all i could find in my trusted shop(all the good stuff anyway):
-cm stacker 830
-asus vento 3600
-tech solo tc-90
Any imput is appreciated :D !!! THANX!!!
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  1. lian li...... if you can afford it
  2. Quote:
    lian li...... if you can afford it

    Agreed. Lian Li. Finest cases I've ever worked with. I fact, I've 3 in operation at this very moment. The computer inside (no, not Intel) may change many times but the cases remain the same. They are that good.
  3. Go for lian-li, I would get the V-1000 or V-1100.

    I would stay away from the Asus Vento, it looks nice but the door is a little flimsy and the mechanism for the door isnt very smooth.

    I wouldnt worry about buying parts online as long as you get the parts from a reputable web site. I personally have not yet bought a single computer part in a store. Most of my shopping comes from Newegg, they are quite reliable. I know people that really like [urlZip Zoom Fly.
  4. as wun said lian li, i have an NZXT lexa, im pretty happy with it
  5. I recommend my Antec Super lanboy, has some great reviews

    Good:Quiet (2x120mm fans), light (aluminium), good value ($80), carrying strap, plenty of rear expansion slots
    Bad:no removable motherboard tray!, styling not to everyone's tastes

    but some people like the sonata 2 case

    Good: Quiet, sleek styling, loads of expansion slots
    Bad: made of steel which can be heavier

    The coolermaster centurion is a popular choice and I wanted one but was out of stock at the time

    Good:Very nice design, well made, quiet, cheap ($50)
    Bad:finding them is well hard

    Lian Li are considered good case makers but the styling is not to my taste and they are VERY expensive.

    There are loads of great cases out there and you can't really make a bad choice (they all do the job but some will look ugly or have a poor finish). Have a look around, read some reviews and perhaps be prepared to get your DIY tools out: even that cheap and nasty looking case can be made into something special with a bit of modification.
  6. this one is really nice

    look at the cooling !!!

  7. finding a li lian case that fits my exact needs would take some time(theres to many ou there) what do you think about that cooler master case i mentioned, it looks nice and i wouldnt really need all the modding capabilities of those li lian cases(gues you cant teach an old dog new tricks :cry: ).
  8. the vento isnt good, the stacker 830 can be intrusive, i heard it hard to screw cards in because something egets in the way

    how about the cooler master Stacker T01, or stacker 810
  9. That silverstone case looks amazing with its upside down ATX configuration, shame it commands the silverstone price tag.
  10. its not an upside down ATX format.


    look at the P180 if u want good cooling
  11. Leo Vader :D

    You are going to get many many different suggestions from this forum, and they all have merit ... depending upon the criteria used to judge their merit. My personal recommendation, based upon your criteria, is the Antec P160 now half the cost that I paid. It's lightweight, but sturdy and uses quarter turn cam locks to secure the side panels. (There are also several thumbscrews used on the back side of the side panels, but I've found then unnecessary). I also really like the 120mm low speed (quiet) front intake fan with a cleanable filter that REALLY works. The HD rack employs slick snap-in brackets making changing HD's very easy. I paired the case with Antec's TruePower 2.0 TrueControl II 550 watt PS

    I can honestly say this combo is superior to anything else I've ever used ... and I go back to the DEC Rainbow days of the early 80's :lol: Additionally, the P160 is quite pleasing to look at having blue LED's illuminating the lower front panel air intake slots, themselves being chrome plated, and the top front control panel rotates 45 deg making USB-Firewire-audio connections vey easy, as well as easy access to roboot and on-off buttons while sitting at your desk.
  12. gigabyte 3d aurora, gigabyte posiedon, antec p180, ultra aluminus.Choose your pick. don't get the vento 3600, if you really like the look wait for the 7600 should improve a lot of over the 3600.
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