Help! Overclocked with ATItool and now having problems

I have a Sapphire X1600 Pro 512mb AGP card and I installed the ATI drivers from the website (originally had OMEGA but ATItool said to use ATI drivers with it).

So I overclocked it a bit (from 500 core to 537, and from 400 mem to 435)

It was working fine and then I thought I could go back and install the Omega drivers instead. I'm not sure exactly when it happened but Oblivion began to run much slower. It was not even that the FPS was low (load times are taking much longer than normal) but that it was choppy so often. In places where I would get traditionally high FPS it was low. I uninstalled/reinstalled the game, ATItool, the drivers, etd. and nothing fixes it. I thought getting rid of ATItool would set everything back to normal but no.

The only thing else I can think of that I tried before it w ent bad was to up the fan speed using ATItool at one point because I thought it would help while overclocking but I can't imagine that would be the cause.

Does anyone know if something on the X1600 was changed that I can't see? The one thing that definitely tells me its slower is that load times are much slower when loading a saved game or going indoors/outdoors, etc.

Anyone with any info or help is greatly appreciated. I can't understand how after uninstalling everything it wouldn't go back to normal. Please, someone.
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  1. When you reinstalled, did you use the omega drivers or ATI?
  2. At first I reinstalled using the Omega Drivers.

    But now, I've done it so many times it may not matter. I've reinstalled with ATI as well as OMEGA and still it seeems like something is weighing it down. The load times are more than twice what they used to be.
  3. ATI tool installs a few driver files on your machine. I'm guessing that those drivers are conflicting with some Omega driver files. I don't think there's anything wrong with your card, so relax, you didn't hurt your baby.
    Still, have you tried completely removing the drivers using a driver cleaner utility? I just use ATI's, but for the omega drivers, I'm sure there's a cleaning program out there.
    Anyway, make sure you have all the drivers uninstalled then install the ATI drivers again. It should work fine.
  4. That's a relief. I was nervous that I may have damaged the card even though I really only overclocked it very little to be safe!

    What kind of driver cleaner utility would you recommend?

    And can you think of any other possiblities that may be slowing down the game? Seems like something isreally weighing it down although I hope its just some left over driver files like you said.
  5. Also, I just used "Driver Cleaner Pro" and got rid of all the ATI drivers. But I'm not sure if that means everything associated with ATITool. Is there a way to be sure that ATITool is completely removed from my system other than just uninstalling it?

    Just want to start clean and get back to normal....

    Thanks for all your help.
  6. in my pc=>program archives=>search
    write ati tools o ati drivers and delete elements (that`s what I usually do)
  7. can you explain that more? how do you get to "my pc" and "program archives"??
  8. well, I miss an instruction :oops:
    in start=>my pc=>local disk(C:) =>first carpet or program archives,in the tool bar click on search, click in all archives and programs, write ati tools if there is remaining data it appears, select, click you mouse rigth button and delete, it`s done
  9. ATI has its own driver uninstaller try using that first. CCLeaner is also a good tool.
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