is this the end of my overclock??

well first i want to write down my specs so there are no confusion to anything: fsp-600w psu, opteron 170, asus a8nsli premium, thermalright si-120w/panaflo fan and corsair ram. i easily got it to 2.6@1.375 vcore with 37 idle and 49 load (dual instances of prime95). ive been trying to get it higher than 2.6 but once i raise it to 2.61 and higher vcore one core failes in a minute does this mean i cannot go any higher or did i just not do a good job at overclockin?? is wise to turn qfan option on this board when youve overclocked a cpu?
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  1. It means that you may have hit your limit on that chip. Extra cooling might help, might not. If by qfan you mean the cool and quiet option, I've read several reports that cool and quiet caused problems. I leave that disabled on my board and rely on normal cooling fans to keep things from getting hot.
  2. Just checking but you did remember to divide your RAM didn't you?

    I do find that processors seem to have optimum speed points, for a whole range of vcore values you will find that the max attainable speed does not rise . I found this on my processor, from 1.3375V->just below 1.4V I can vary my processor speed from 2.7->2.72GHz. Then at 1.4V it jumps up to 2.8GHz and I haven't tried anything above that.
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