Budget graphic design workstation

Western Digital 250GB Caviar SE16 SATA300 16MB 7200RPM Hard Drive
Kingston 1024MB DDR400 ECC Memory Module * 4
PNY nVidia Quadro FX 1400 16xPCIE 256-bit 128MB DDR w/DVI * 2
AMD Opteron 265 1800Mhz Dual Core Socket 940 Processor - Boxed * 2
Western Digital 36.7GB Raptor SATA 8MB 10000RPM Hard Drive
Cooler Master RC-731 Praetorian 731 Tower Chassis - No PSU - Silver
MSI K8N Master2-FAR nForce4 Pro Motherboard w/A8 + 2LK + FW + SATA2 RAID + Dual Socket 940

Rough cost converted from SA currency $4000

Is it worth it ?

p.s. do not want to hear about Dempsey, Woodcrest and Conroe will only be available here next year if lucky

main programs, 3d Studio Max and Corel Draw (when not being used will be part of render farm)

170k (6 machines) investment for my company need some reassurance :p
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  1. Why not go for a higher spec Quadro rather than two lower spec'd ones?
  2. lol thought about that myself and can change the card to a 3450 :)
  3. Holy $#!%.. talk about doin it right. :twisted: post some pics when you're done buildin.
  4. "Budget", you say :roll:
    I wish I could call this a budget :lol:

    With all these investments I'd go for 2 HDDs in RAID1 array (mirrored), just to be on the safe side - would be only a small increase in cost, compared to other parts...

    If I had to build a budget one, I'd refrain from using server- and workstation-class stuff (mobo, ram, cpu, graphics card), as IMO their performance doesn't justify the much higher price tag, if we compare them to the higher-end "consumer" parts.
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