Looking for comments on my new build

So I just moved and I had to leave my old PC behind, can't say I'm that disappointed since now I get to build a new one :)

I'm pretty sure everything I've assembled is going to work but I would really appreciate some expert advice before I go ahead and order all of it. On to the build!:

Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe 570

AMD Athlon 3200+ AM2

eVGA geforce 7900gt KO

Corsair XMS2 2gb DDR2 PC5400

Antec SmartPower 2.0 500 watt

Western Digital 250gb

DVD burner:

Combo drive:


Card Reader:
Atech Flash Internal Card Reader

Round IDE cables:
Thermaltake 24" x2

Sound Card:
Creative Labs Audigy 2ZS Platinum

Case: (this is a toss up, I need help deciding between these two)
Antec P180B
Lian Li PC-60B PlusII

ViewSonic VA1912wb

My biggest obstacle is choosing which case. They both look like very good cases and they're both about the same price. They both also get excellent reviews both on these forums and from buyers from newegg. It's hard to decide when I can't handle them, I'm going to be moving around some in the next 2 years so I'd like a case that's fairly sturdy and will hold up to being jossled. The worst beating the case should take is it might have to be shipped over a pretty far distance (probably by air).

I'm going to order a wireless keyboard/mouse combo, an external network adapter, some basic speakers, and windows xp home edition. But I just wanted to list all the internal parts and see if it's all going to work together.

I also want to note that I'm going with a lower end AM2 CPU until the prices on the dual cores drop. I think the CPU I have listed above was only about $100, can't really go wrong with that I think.

One last question, is there any benefit to having the card reader be internal opposed to external? I'm not sure how tight a fit all that is going to be in either of those cases, but since I'm not going to have more than 2 hard drives ever I figured I'd just get the internal card reader.

Any help at all will be very much appreciated, and sorry for adding the 8 billionth post of this type :)
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  1. Quote:

    If you must... eVga hosed me big time on 7900s - hopefully you get luckier.


    I'd give mushkin a call and ask their advice on some trick sticks.

    My biggest obstacle is choosing which case.

    I recommend finding a store or stores that has those two cases. Like keyboard and mouse, the case is something you physically interact with. Pull off the sides, look at the guts. Worth the effort.

    I'm going to order a wireless keyboard/mouse combo,.

    If you game, you may regret wireless.
  2. I'll have to look around the city some more and see if there's any computer stores that will carry those cases...I'm thinking probably not but it's worth checking into. That's why choosing a case is so hard really, every other case I bought I was able to either look at a floor model or have a shop owner take one out of the packing so I could look it over.

    I don't think I'll have much trouble with the keyboard mouse. I'm getting the Logitech MX3000 combo pack, and I had an older wireless keyboard/mouse from Logitech before moving which served me well through every app, including games. I guess I won't actually know until it all gets here and I can use it.

    As for the video card, you stumped me there. Everyone seems to speak highly of eVGA's gpu's. I'll do some more research on that before buying it.

    Thanks for timely reply, I hope to get as much advice as possible before making the plunge :)
  3. for the case:
    try Gygibit possiden (spelt wrong)
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