Windows 7 Install Woes

I thought I'd move with the times and picked up a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate. I had Vista installed before.

Booted from CD, delete/recreate partition and did a clean install.

The installer hangs on a black screen after the first reboot. Forcing a reboot and going into Safe Mode the setup tries to continue, then comes up with a prompt saying 'Setup cannot run in Safe mode, rebooting your computer', whereupon it hangs again.

These are my specs:

1 x Seagate ST3500320AS 500GB Hard Drive SATA II 7200rpm *32MB Cache* -
1 x MSI P35 Neo2-FR iP35 Socket 775 8 channel audio ATX Motherboard
1 x Intel Pentium Dual Core E2160 Socket 775 (1.8GHz) 1MB L2 Cache OEM
4 x OCZ 1GB DDR2 800MHz/PC2-6400 Platinum XTC Memory Kit CL4 2.1V
1 x Sapphire HD 2400PRO 256MB DDR2 VGA DVI HDTV out PCI-E Graphics Card
1 x Sony AD-7200S 20X DVD±RW/DL/RAM Internal SATA Bare Black Drive - OEM
1 x LiteOn 20x DVD±RW Dual Layer & Ram SATA Black Bare Drive - OEM

My 500GB hard drive is split into 2 partitions, 100GB boot partition and the rest (350GB or so) as storage.

This is the sequence I tried:
1. Boot from CD, delete boot partition, new partition, clean install (HUNG)
2. Disconnect router, then as 1. (HANG)
3. Reset BIOS to factory defaults, then as 1. (HANG)
4. Disconnect external hard drive and printer, then as 1. (HANG)
5. Disabled on-board chips like sound, legacy USB etc, then as 1. (HANG)

I've tried booting to the CD and doing a 'repair windows' but that comes back without problems.

I'm so annoyed I can't even tell you. I've never had a problem doing a clean Windows install. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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  1. Actually I've just checked and it seems my graphics card is compatible so I'm out of ideas...
  2. MSI motherboard uuuuufffffffffffff

    Zero write your hdd and reset your cmos back to defaults then set memory to 1.9v and 1:1 ratio and try to reinstall and see where that goes

    Also try changing IDE/Sata modes
  3. Zero write the hard drive? My hard drive has two partitions, one has all my data on so I don't want to lose that!

    I've deleted and recreated the OS partition, and then formatted it also, nothing else I can do there.

    I've reset the BIOS to factory defaults so that's definitely all OK now.

    How do you mean changing IDE/SATA modes? I only have 1 hard drive and its a SATA.

    I've been reading up that it could be to do with my memory (I have 4 x 1GB), it sounds crazy to me but I'll try and take some sticks out and try again.
  4. Instead of taking out the sticks of memory, use the feature built into most motherboards to do it. look for a setting called "OS Installation Mode". That is there specifically to lower the amount of "seen" memory to the system during OS install time and once you're up and running and updated turn it off to see full memory.
  5. Yea, I have tried EVERYTHING to fix this issue to no avail.

    The weird thing is that I have 2 identical setups and one worked totally fine, yet the other hangs no matter what.

    Our systems are entirely different also besides having OCZ ram...
  6. Are you trying to install a 32bit version or a 64bit version? I bought a Pentium E5200 thinking it was a 64bit processor but I can't get 64bit Windows 7 to install so I had to use a 32bit version instead.

    You have a Pentium E2100... you should be installing 32bit Windows.

    Your video card can't be the issue. Worse case scenario Windows doesn't have drivers for your video card and defaults to standard 640x480 video but a Sapphire 2400 isn't that old.

    I've successfully installed Windows 32bit Enterprise on Pentium 4 HT systems using Intel on-board graphics that are 5 or more years old.
  7. I've tried both 32bit and 64bit versions, exactly the same thing happened.

    I've just installed XP again and flashed the mobo BIOS... still nothing

    Boggled after you mentioned you have OCZ RAM as well I've underclocked mine to 667mhz (should be 800) just in case... still nothing.

    I've literally nothing else to try. Looks like Windows 7 has beat me.

    Trouble is I've just bought a new laptop, I could try and put Windows 7 on that but if that gets toasted as well I'm gonna scream.
  8. Sorted!

    The solution is as posted by Zidane in the following post

    Let me copy his solution here and add a couple of useful comments for anyone else reading this:


    When installing Windows 7 let it get to the part where it reboots (for the second time) just after the' completing installation' stage. When it restarts press F8 and boot the new install in safe mode.

    Alternatively leave the install running until you reach the 'black screen' and do a hard reboot (hold power for 5 seconds). On restart you'll be asked if you want to boot into safe mode, click 'yes'.

    While booting in safe mode you'll eventually get an error saying "setup cannot continue in safe mode. click ok to reboot". don't press OK!. Press shift F10 and type "compmgmt.msc" and hit enter. When the computer management screen comes up go to device manager and disable the video card (not uninstall it). You will still get video so don't worry.

    Close device manager and click 'ok' on the message and continue the install as normal, alternatively just do a reset. When the machine reboots this time you should have video, albeit it at a crippled resolution.
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