PC turns on itself?????????

Ive recently built a spare computer basically using it as a server. i used a DFI board. this being the first time ive used one. well anywho everything was cool after building it. got some errors but after updating the bios, and all the drivers no more errors occured.....Yet a new problem.

When the computer is shut down from windows, it shuts down fine, then after 5 to 30 seconds it will magically boot back up. But if its shut down by the power button it stays off. ive checked all the hardware and see no visible problems. im down to suspecting the mobo and PSU. just wondering if anyone else has had this issue or if theyve heard of it. i appreciate any advice.
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  1. Check the bios and see if it's set to power on after power loss, sometimes lower end psu's "bump" after a shutdown and send a small amout of juice that makes the mb think a power outage occured and the bios setting will restart it. Otherwise try another ps. Also disable wol if you don't need it.
  2. Life Stanger says, it is probably a setting in your BIOS. Wake On LAN or one of those settings.
  3. cool thanx for the info. ill have to go through it and check it out. i know the power up after power loss is off though. we've been through the bios about 500 times...sob....nonethaless thanx, and if u find out anymore info it would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Check your ACPI and suspend settings in the BIOS and windows power management as well. If nothing works, then its time to call either the Exorcist or the Ghostbusters!... Spooky! :twisted:
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