Flashing underscore on startup

Recently did a new build, it's a couple months old now. Today I noticed that in between my MSI BIOS logo screen and the Win7 booting animation I get a flashing underscore on a black screen for maybe a second. I know this is a noob question but is this something normal I've just never noticed? The last time I saw something like this the system would only boot to a blinking underscore because the drive failed and I needed to replace it, so I'm a bit paranoid.
If it helps:
Mobo- MSI 890fx-GD70
CPU- Phenom II X4 970 (overclocked to 3.8 via multiplier only)
Ram- 8GB Crucial Ballistix ddr3 1333 (not overclocked)
HDD- Seagate 500GB Barracuda boot drive
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    it is normal, nothing to worry about.
  2. yes it happens on both of my rigs...totally normal!
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