P4P800SE not sure if hardware or software prob

I have had this board for 6 months, and have had my share of probs with it, starting with bios and stability, ive since then updated the bios to dec 2005 latest release, no other release other then a beta is available.

with this board i have intel P4 3.0 ht , Prescott, two sticks of 512 pc 3200 ram.

here is my concern, when i first boot up the system, it runs fine, nice and stable, i will run let say 4 proggy's. in the task manager will be running 43 processes, 475 threads, ram is at 348 for usage, and cpu is sitting at 1 and or 2 %, my handles will be around 9,000, as the day progresses, the handles will increase even just idling, in two hours will be up to 15,000, and by the next day ive got 24,000, and if i run for a week, i could be at some outragous figure such as 75,000, this is all running the same proggys, and not changing anything.

at this point not sure what is going on, ive tried replacing the ram, that didn't solve it, ive done a fresh install, same thing,all my hardware is brand new.

Any ideas, on what is going on, or what I can do to correct this. Please help.
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  1. Perhaps some background/startup application is running out of control. Click Start>>Run>>and then type "msconfig" and then click OK. Open the Startup tab and have a look at what's loading with Windows. You can probably deselect just about everything there and after a reboot, observe your system for changes. You'll likely have less items in the system tray and in many cases, that's a good thing. If you find that there has been an improvement, use the msconfig utility to add things back one by one until you find the problem program. Or, you can leave well enough alone.

    I also recommend scanning for spyware. Even the free Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta does a good job. Just Google it and you'll find directions for downloading the program.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.
  2. Yes spyware is major concern these days.

    I have used spybot for many years now and find it very good
    it has frequent free update and can manage the startup list.

    You must also run an up to date antivirus.

    Run a registery cleaner like ccleanerm
    it is easy and fast.

    Good luck
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