Hail all PC gamers and gurus out there:

I'm getting a new rig, and I don't know which GPU to get!!!!!

( ATI) X1800 XT

(Nvidia) 7900 GT

Which one performs better?....

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  1. You can't go wrong with either card, since there is no clear better. Any of them will be fine.
  2. yep they perform around the same
  3. It depends on the game as they trade victories. IMO at stock speeds the X1800XT is a bit above the 7900GT, being more equal to the factory overclocked 7900GT's.
  4. Get the X1800 XT; it's cheaper with the mail and rebate, supports OpenEXR with antialiasing, high quality anisotropic filtering that is not angle dependant, and nice AVIVO features.
  5. they both about the same, like previous posts, its all about what games youre going to be playing. either 1 looks good, and will be good
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