Computer locking up during games: graphics card related?

Hi all,

I just replaced my faulty PSU, and I now have a 535W enermax power supply in place. Prior to changing the PSU, my system fans were spinning, but I could not get the system to post. Everything now boots fine, with the new PSU in place - so the problem was clearly PSU related.

However, now whenever I run a game, my system completely locks up. The sound card "stutters" the sound that was playing when the lockup happened, and the only way to get out of it is to power off the comp and reboot.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why my computer is suddenly incapable of running any games? Solutions are very welcome. :)


- LF.
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  1. Make sure the video cards 12v power connector(s) (if any) are plugged in and not to a fan only lead from the power supply.
  2. Give us your complete system specs. :)
  3. lock up ~ most likely a temperature problem, check your CPU or the GPU!!

    automatic reboot during a game ~ most likely power supply, overall system drawing more than the power supply can output!!

    I'd check the temperatures first~~
  4. Specs:

    AMD Athlon XP 2800
    2x512mb Corsair TwinX RAM (PC2700)
    MSI KS7 series mobo
    ASUS V9980 256mb (GeForce 5950)
    (new) Enermax 535w PSU

    Everything is working fine aside from games. This leads me to believe it must be an issue with the video card. Is it possible my old PSU surged, and damaged the video card?
  5. try downloading new video drivers and sound drivers that may fix the problem as faulty drivers can lock up your system sometimes.
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