Is this problem sound like the video card or monitor?

I just got a new MSI Geforce 7600GT video card. Everything was going good for a couple of days except now the screen has constant tiny vibrations. Can anyone tell me if this problem sounds like the monitor or the video card? It also does this when I boot up into the motherboard board bios, so I know it isn't a setting in windows that is the problem.

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  1. If your old vid card didn't have this problem then it is most likely the vid card. Hook up a different monitor and see if you get the same problem to be sure. Should be rather easy to rule one out.
  2. can you post same pictures..?
  3. i had a problem with screen vibrations as well, i believe it is generally attributed to your power supply (mains power) as if i took my comp to another persons house the picture didnt vibrate, but if they took their comps to my house theirs would

    when i moved house it stopped at my new house too, i would suggest testing at a different location if possible, if it stops, then its probably just your mains supply
  4. try using a dvi adapter, and plug monitor in that one. there could be a problem with your pins(too short), from the connector.
  5. Today when I booted up my computer the PCI sound card and PCI modem would not work and had exlimation marks in the Windows device manager. So, I unintsalled the Modem and rebooted a couple of times and the Sound card started working again. But, the modem will not work after trying to re install. The screen still seems to still have tiny vibrations but not as bad. I haven't had a chance to physically take out the modem yet because I had to goto school. Now this is off the subject but could it have anything to do with my screen problem?
  6. It is best described as the picture continuesly shakes...sometimes more often stronger than other times... like it has turrets syndrome. The shaking is very fast and is rather small (meaning that the shaking is only 2-3 pixels from peak to trough, think of a wave).

    Does anyone know what it could be? I only have one monitor so I can't test it with another monitor. Is one of my new PCI parts defective? I'm still under the 30 month time limit to do a return if so. It even does this in the bios, so it's not a software setting.
  7. It sounds like a something isn't shielded correctly from your power supply, either in the power supply itself, or in the connections on your new card. Maybe try a new PS if able, or try to remove the PS from the case and move it as far away from the vid card as possible and see if that helps any with the vibrations. I see this all the time with our bench test set that sits on top of an AC power supply.
  8. it could be related to the vga signal is either too long or either close to same strong electromagnetic fields (psu, other transformers, tv set, radio set, printer, etc).......

    try to move the cable as posible when this effect appears again....and see what happens.....

    if this turns out not to be the case it could be an monitor internal problem like it`s own psu...not properly filtered or samething......
  9. could try a good old degauss lol
  10. good point...........

    but i`m a little confused and perhaps our friend will clear us out .....

    what type of monitor do you have .....?
    cause if you have a crt screen....your problem is probably due to same electromagnetic field..bur if you have a lcd screen you probably have a 'twinkling' effect which can be due to a wrong vertical screen rate (too high or too low)....
  11. Well...I figured it out! I took an extension cord and pluged my computer into a different outlet and the problem stopped. I live in a old house that was built in the early 1900's so I guess something went bad in the outlet itself or in the wireing. Do you think there would be any permenant damage done to my computer that won't show up untill later down the road of it's life spam from this?
  12. Well, I take that back. It fixed my problem 90% The only problem is though it still isn't a solid's has a small strobe effect as if the refresh rate is to low. I reseted my display settings with the same settings that I had before all this started happening a few days ago. Any ideas what it could be? It's not my computer parts is it? I don't know if I should send them back or not. It would be really expensive since I would have to pay restocking fees and shipping.
  13. You did install the appropriate drivers for your 7600GT, right?
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