Will I destroy anything if using AGP 4x card in agp 8x slot?

I have just bought an old agp 4x video card really cheap. I have a system running, with an agp 8x slot.

My question now is if I risk destroying any components like the card or motherboard (besides the esd risk that might be present) if I try the card in the agp 8x slot?
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  1. I've never seen this issue pose a problem before (when I've had 4x cards to go in 8x slots) but this might help you to decide to try it out anyway:

  2. I think not. Hasten to add, it was a long time ago that I used AGP though....

    From what I recall, 2 of the AGP standards that I used when I upgraded early on, were the same voltage, and I've gut feeling it was 4x and 8x, meaning you could (motherboard permitting) move from 4x up to 8x.

    Long time ago now though, but double check it. Just google your motherboard and check the spec for the AGP slot.

    If it says 4x, you should be fine!
  3. Whoops, that link I posted was the wrong way round. Anyway, it would help if you'd tell us the card, model and type as well as the mainboard it's going into.

    I still stand by that I've never had a problem with AGP 4x cards in AGP 8x slots. Usually, a good rule of them is, if it fits (i.e. the keys on the card) then it will work and not damage anything.
  4. Everything will work fine. Have fun.
  5. Nothing will destroy. It's like running a X8 card in a X4 slot. The difference is the bandwith between the two, which there is little or no difference.
  6. it should not pose a problem, 4x requires a higher voltage than the 8x, and the mobo should recognize and provide it

    there is a small issue with the other way though

    the first 8x cards/boards ran 8x at the same voltage as 4x, the next "version" ran 8x at a lower voltage

    so if you have the first version of boards and the second version of card your card would recieve a higher voltage at 8x than it should, depending on the board this would result in either the card running at 4x to save itself, or the card blowing out

    seeing youre running it the other way, there should be no issue
  7. Quote:
    I have just bought an old agp 4x video card really cheap. I have a system running, with an agp 8x slot.

    I've done the same when checking for errors in my and my sister's old pc. They both worked either way.
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