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Willam2 overclock just as good as 939 or better?(or worse)
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  1. The new am2 motherboards are known to hit higher fsb frequencies.
  2. Here, as per your request:


    I'm not offering any opinions as i dont have an AM2 or 939 to speak of, so i hope the links help.
  3. Quote:
    i am oc'ing at 2430 on air,had it at 2550 but voltage was too low and it crashed,stock core is 1.8(3000+) and it will do 2700 on water, ive read.
    your call,is that good?almost i gb oc on water.

    only 2700 on H2O ?????

    sorry pal, i have mine at 3015 on air with only 29º C on idle and 46º C at full

    specs of my system are

    ASUS MN232-SLI Deluxe
    AMD AM2 3000+ (1800 stock)
    2GB OCZ DDR2 PC2-5400 Gold GX XTC
    2x ASUS 7900 GTX
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