ASRock 939Dual-SATA2 + AMD X2 3800+ AM2 socket CPU question

OK at the moment my PC consists of__

400watt power supply
Asus A78NX Socket A mobo
AMD Barton 2500+ mobile OC'd to 3200+
2x 512 PC3200 Samsung DDR (184 pin)
XFX 6600GT (AGP)

I plan on fully upgrading once Windows Vista comes out, but for now I just wish to upgrade the CPU and MotherBoard..
so from what I understand, if I buy this MoBo here ASRock 939Dual-SATA2 - ULi M1695

and buy this AM2 Socket upgrade for it ASRock AM2CPU Upgrade Module

then I logically should be able to fit this CPU Athlon64 X2 3800+ socket AM2 in the upgrade module

and further I should be able to slide my AGP 6600GT into th AGP slot and I should still be able to use my Samsung ram with these new parts....
AM I CORRECT ??? does anybody see any problems with this setup here at all, and I know it would be much simpler if I bought a regular X2 939 pin CPU, but reason being is I plan on getting a dedicated AM2 motherboard with all the bells and whistles including a high end PCI express card when Vista comes out, and thats why I'm buying the AM2 3800+ so I could combine it later on with my future upgrades......
I just want to double check with all the computer dudes here on the forum, cuz my PC knowledge is limited... so reply away dudes... thankz

oh and by the way, is the 940 pin AM2 version of the 3800+ overclockable the same way as the 939 pin 3800+ was >???? if so, would it be safe to overclock it to 4500+ speeds using the stock cooler that comes in the box??
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  1. I think you should be fine, though space may be an issue, I am not sure if everything will fit physically on the board.

    As for the overclock, I haven't seen much on the 3800+ AM2's overclockability yet, but you will probably have to get an After Market cooler if you want to do anything more than a marginal to medium overclock.
  2. Quote:

    and further I should be able to slide my AGP 6600GT into th AGP slot and I should still be able to use my Samsung ram with these new parts....

    I may be wrong but I think that you will have to go with DDR2 RAM as well
  3. Opps, you are right there. You have to use DDR2-RAM with AM2, since the Memory controller is On-Die, and the slots come on the AM2 adapter.
  4. I have this board with the Opteron 165 and you will be very satisfied. don't know which Samsung memory you are talking about but preferably the TCCD. Space is not going to be an issue I have a dual video setup a Fire GLX2-256 for doing CAD stuff and a X1800GTO for the Avivo for video editing and high def out put. If you take your time in setting up the bios you can get some incredible performace out of this board. The ULI1695 chipset is very good and there is a reason nVidia bought them to get the tech in this chipset. With winbond BH-5 I am getting latencies below 40ns on Everest 2006 Dhrystone is 45 618 and Whetstone is 49898. Cpu is at 2.4 ghz.
  5. But the OP isn't interested in an opty or any other 939 cpu, they want an AM2, and the question is about compatibility with the riser card.
  6. Riser card works just fine although to be honest , I can't tell that the AM2 is any faster in any circumstance than the opty due primarily to the poor timings and latency of the DDR2 memory. The other limitation is that some A64 and all 1xx opty's have 1mb cache available. Due to demand constraints for the opty 2xx and 8xx there will be no 1mb cache for AM2 execpt for the FX62. Overclocked benchs for the 165 and 170 already exceed the FX-62 due to the avalablity of BH-5 and TCCD memory. NVidia and ATI learned that two years ago. They both tried DDR2 and dropped it . Look at the FX5900-5950 use DDR while the middle cards such as early Fx5700ultra through FX5800ultra used DDR2. ATI used it on the 9800 pro-256 and dropped it on the 9800XT. The 128 bit X800(later called the X800se) used DDR. Then DDR3 was available and both nVidia andATI use that. Marketing hype is the only reason for DDR2 and quite frankly the AM2. If the later AM2's use DDR3 than you will see a marked improvement. 3x speed will more than compensate for 2x latency and timings.
  7. Don't really want to get into a debate on the merits of AM2 or the reasoning behind it, Though lets just say I bought my Opteron 165 knowing the AM2 was coming with no regrets.
  8. If you intend on upgrading the mobo/cpu along with everything else when vista comes out, save the dough on the AM2 proc and riser board and stick with the 939 version. You won't have to get new ram, and it will save you approx. 30 bucks for the riser card. Not to mention better latencies between the system and the cpu.

    Also, when vista officially comes out, AM2 will be cheaper and faster, DDR2 ram will be as well. The riser board will be the same, but you won't have to buy a whole new mobo at that time.
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