someone got to help me, problem with msi 945g neo

i bought msi 945g neo with a pentium d 930 recently,after i installed it,the computer did not show anything on the screen,but the fans and hdd and floppy and dvd ran well.and the keyboard did no work at all,also the D-LED shows the third light is red and the others are green.what should i do now, im so confused :confused2: :think: ???
my rig:
pentium d 930
msi 945g neo
sapphire 1600xt
thermaltake tr2-470 470watts
seagate sata2 200gb hdd
ocz ddr2 533 ram
lg dvd+-rw
sony floppy driver
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  1. The Motherboard manual should have what the LED's mean.

    Read the Motherboard manual to see what the red light means.
  2. the manual says INITIALIZING KEYBOARD CONTROLLER, but it was impossible, i already changed 2 keyboards
  3. Try reseting the cmos
  4. but there is no difference
  5. Starting to sound more and more like a faulty motherboard.

    I would unplug and unpower all your drives leaving only cpu video and ram.

    Power on and see what happens. see if the red light is still on.
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