Canon powershot not compatable with windows 7

Im unable to download photos from my canon powershot camera to windows 7. It worked with XP but is not working now that I upgraded to 7. I have downloaded drivers and spent large amounts of timeon the phone with Canon technical support and they were unable to help. I was told by Canon that other people are able to use it with 7 so they dont know why I cant . This is very frustrating and disappointing, Please help if you have any advice.

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  1. What exactly is happening when you plug in your powershot and turn it on? Are you trying to use third party software?

    I have a canon powershot that works fine with windows 7. I don't use any software besides windows to recognize the camera. I just open it up as a folder and then navigate to my pictures for copy/pasting.

    Plug in your camera and turn it on. Go to your device manager and look under "portable devices". Does your camera show up there?
  2. Yeah I have a canon and it works fine. How are you trying to hook it up? Is there actually something that comes up to say that it isnt compatible? Or does just nothing happen? If you cant get anything to work, you can always take the memory card out and use it with a memory card reader.
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