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Has been delaying on buying a new PC to do photo and video editing but my current PC really drives me crazy as it seems getting slower everyday. By reading here it seems people are recommending going with Intel Dual Core for multitasking (will be doing a lot), whereas AMD is recommeded more for gaming (BTW, I don't play game). I can wait for some time but probably not too long. So shall I jump in now or wait for Intel's new chip ? Would like to hear your experts opinion on this.

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  1. Tom's has a very good chip comparison chart
    Just pick your chips, pick your poison, and compare.
    Currently, the AMD's win pretty much across the board, but that should change once conroe is released.
  2. JumpingJack: thanks for the suggestions. I would love to wait for the new core 2 but I'm afraid that I can't wait that long as I assume the availability would be a problem in a few month after the release. I did read the top link about core 2 as you mentioned and find some good info there.

    beerandcandy: a powermac + an Apple Cinema Display. Wouldn't that be wonderful. The problem is that I never used a Mac before and I'm also concerned about the price.

    endyen: very useful link and I'm comparing the chips that I have my eye on right now.

    In the end I guess only I can decide what and when to buy. Need to do some more research and reading. Thanks everyone for your help.
  3. Well if you're looking for a good Mac you can just go with like a G4, you don't have to go all-out right now. I don't own a mac but my sister has a G5 at her house and it runs incredibly well. Anyways, you can get a really nice mac right now without having to go all-out on the price tag.
  4. I've been doing video editing for about 8 years now (weddings, dance recitals, etc). Started with Intel for 2 years, went to AMD for 5 years and now back to Intel with a Pentium D 3.2ghz. Bottom line is you can use either AMD or Intel and be happy. I settled on Intel dual core and get slightly better editing performance and much better encoding performance. Of course, your editing software must be written to take advantage of HT or Dual Core processors to see a performance advantage. You might want to hop on some of the video web boards and see what people are using. If you've decided on video editing software already, then check out their web board. Lots of info available. If you have the ability, you'll do better in the long run to build your own PC to the specs you want. You'll find that more people seem to have trouble with a "Best-Buy" type computer than a home grown. Good luck!
  5. Dante_Jose_Cuervo: I had a look of the powermac G5 and the price range is out of my reach. I do not plan to spend 2000+ on a new PC.

    mspears: thanks for the suggestion. I haven't decided on the software yet but it's likely to be Ulead VideoStudio. I do intend to build a PC from component this time. It should be fun.

    Anybody here use Photoshop a lot ? Is there a benchmark comparison for Photoshop on Intel/AMD chip ?

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