Choosing a Watercooling system. Please advise. HELP! THX

I have researched water cooling systems for a few weeks trying to decide what to do here. I am going to purchase a conroe compatible mobo. I will use a 805d until prices drop on the core 2 duo. With that said, I read reviews on a couple sites.

I do not want the noise of a phase change unit, nor do I want the huge a$$ electric bill.

The THG ones don't include the ones I'm comparing nor does xbitlabs. Here is the most recent from xbit that compares 16 models.

I am VERY interested in the Promodz unit. I can get a european friend to obtain a kit but unsure of the validity of the test they did. Why only does xbit review this model? Why not include the Koolance Exos 2?

Here are the current 3 I am considering.




I would consider also scrapping a kit and buying items separately. I see some of these pumps and items I buy for my fishtank. Can anyone recommend all the top of-the-line parts needed for this? I would like the system to do CPU, VGA and possibly chipset. I want this unit to last me two computer systems or even 3 if I replace parts when needed. Performance is key but not at the cost of having a racecar engine roaring in my room. Passive units I think are a bad idea so lets leave that out. If I have to custom make something like a twenty gallon resevoir so be it. I also prefer outside radiator as inside radiators are bad engineering unless you have a gargantuan case. Lights and flare is not what I care about. I won't even have a window on my case.

I want the masters of this "water cooling skill" to answer this question. Please no fly by night, I just got into watercooling last week joes. No offense to anyone. I know there are huge enthusiasts on this board and I'd love to tap your knowledge. 8O
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  1. First of all I researched water cooling for almost half a year before taking the leap. I looked at all of your choices (except that last one which looks pretty flimsy) and didn't like the exos due to the high cost and external add on case.

    My advise is build your own. Easy to do and fun. I personally went with Danger Den and Swiftech parts. Radiators and reservoirs are pretty much the same, it's the water blocks and pump that are most important.

    Also need to decide whether you want to use your computers power supply or have the pump plug into a wall socket (or power bar/ups). After my experiences I would suggest getting one that doesn't use your computers power supply, if you get a really good pump it will suck up power, but more important amps, off your 12v rail.

    Make sure ALL of your components will use the same barbs (either 1/2" or 3/8" don't go any smaller). Don't get some components that are 1/2" and some that are 3/8" as using an inline reducer sucks. You can usually get threaded barbs for the cpu block, radiator and reservoir but the ones on the gpu block and pump are usually set.

    Put all your components where you want them BEFORE you start cutting your tubing. Use 1/4" thick tubing NOT 1/8", easier to bend without kinking it.

    Make sure you test it for more than 6 hours before giving power to the rest of your computer.

    Cutting holes in your case is not fun with a dremel so think about getting a good hole saw to the right size (at least 1/4" larger than the OD of your tubing). Also, look for rubber grommets for the holes to protect your tubing (these were very hard to find in Canada but should be easier in the US).

    If I think of anything else that I remember I'll let you know.
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