Socket 939 Future proofing question, Please Help!!!

Hi ppl,

I have been making a new rig for myself recently and need to know that if i buy a S939 mobo now, and a new dx10 gfx card (ATi) when they come out, will they work with my mobo.

I am currently deciding between:

Abit AT8-32X ATI RD580 Crossfire PCI-Express Motherboard

Sapphire PURE RD580 CrossFire Advantage PCI-Express Motherboard

So my question is that if i buy any one of these mobos now, will they be compatible with dx10 Crossfire cards when they come out in the future?

Please reply ASAP, Thanks!
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  1. If you use the new DX10 Card and get the direct X10 drivers, and you have a PCI express mobo, then your good.
  2. I am not using the new cards yet because they aren't available yet :)

    I am asking that will the mobos i listed above, be compatible with the new ATi dx10 cards when they come out in the near future?
  3. Noone knows because they're not even sheduled for release yet!

    I can't see it making a difference as far as graphics compatibility goes (apart from SLi/CF) whether you use AM2, 939, 775... whatever. But there are no guarantees.
  4. as far as I know noone got a plan to Change the graphics card interface at least till when DX10 arrives

    the mobo that you've listed below got PCIE-16X so it'll be fine

    but believe me no one is sure about that what will happen :D
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