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Hi everyone,

I am thinking about upgrading my ram in my PC to 2GB and am wanting to know if there would be any difference in buying those special dual channel packages that come with 2 stick asnd just buying 2 sticks of ram same specs and brand? just wanting to know but haven't looked into if i would be saving any cash of buying the dual channel cobo deals yet.

thank you
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  1. IMO - Whichever is cheaper to get.

    A "dual channel" pack of RAM is just 2 single sticks that are certain to be identical enough (they came from the same assembly line right next to each other). Any 2 individual sticks of the same brand/model bought at the same time are most likely from the same line as well. Some like the extra 'warm fuzzy feeling' of getting the 'dual channel' pack. I get whichever is cheaper for the type of RAM I'm looking for.

  2. fishmahn is right. If your board supports Dual Channel than getting matched sticks is nice, but not absolutely necessary. I would recommend it if you plan to overclock but if you don't, just make sure to buy RAM of the same speed and type and you should be fine.
  3. cool, thanks for the advice
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