Windows 7 safe mode restarts at login

My computer has started to have some odd issues. It is a Thinkpad T61P running windows professional 7 64 bit. The first issues was that windows updates failed to install 5 new updates yesterday. Im not sure what the updates were, but failed due to windows not having access to the files (according to the error code and MS) MS suggested running windows update in safe mode. When I restart in safe mode the machine will restart at the login screen after a few seconds. One or twice I've been able to type in my password, but it says the password is incorrect and restarts.

I tried using msconfig to get it to start in safe mode that way and now im stuck in an endless loop. I didnt realize that It wouldnt start up normal after a restart.

Ive done a full virus scan with AVG rescue disc

Also, I recently replaced the thermal paste on the cpu and gpu because of some overheating issues. The overheating issue was fixed.

Any ideas beyond wiping the drive and starting over.

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  1. I believe I have the same issue. I'm running an HP Envy with Windows 7 64 bit.

    I used msconfig to boot into safe mode (was trying to solve an unrelated software problem with Matlab), however upon restarting it boots all the way to the login screen and then after a few seconds restarts, thus creating an infinite loop.

    I am able to type my password in but it always restarts before the desktop comes up. I have tried using startup repair and also restoring the system to the last restore point, however neither solved the problem. Has anyone been able to solve this problem?

    Any help appreciated - Thanks!
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