Two SATA for os and one IDE for storage upgrade help

Help please
My existing system: ECS mother board, IDE maxtor hardrive. WindowXPpro
I wanna add 2 SATA maxtor to it with raid 0 and run the widow from it.
The existing IDE maxtor hardrive will be use as storage.
What do i do first. Should I raid it first with the RAID bios then format the harddrive using Maxblaster4 in window or the other way around. I don't want to fresh install window, I wanna transfer it from the IDE hardrive to my new RAID 0 hardrives.
Please help :D
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  1. You will need a ghost program or similar to copy the information on your hdd exactly. If you had a partition on your current hdd then I'd say ghost it to your other partition and then copy it to your raid0 after you set it up. If not you can ghost it to dvd then after you have your raid0 up copy it over and format your ide drive.

    Just google for norton ghost 10.
  2. If you have a duel layer DVD you can make a bootable DVD to put the OS image on the raid. You need to get clever and take a look at what you need. You can select the everything you'd like to cary over onto the image, and leave out large files that contain mp3, photos, software that you can just reinstall. Doing this cuts down the image size, then you can just mount the old drive once the raid is up and copy anything else you didnt use in the image and zerofill your storage drive.
  3. Does a ghost program work with different media? Can I ghost my drive and install the image on a completely different drive?

    I guess the question is, are ghost images hard drive independent? And also are all ghosts created equal? Norton ghost being my only experience.
  4. Depending on how you perform the image backup, it should only need the aloted space and nothing more.

    Let us know how it works.
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