X800PRO TD/DVI 256MB is broken should I replace with X1600?

2 years ago I bought a ASUS X800PRO TD/DVI 256MB and now it's broken :(

The shop will deliver me a X1600 512MB but I can not find exactly if this is a good replacement for the X800PRO.

Can you guys help me out here?
Is it a good replacement?


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  1. no it is not, the X1600 from what i've seen is a little bit better than a 9800 Pro, at least the x1600 agp version, the pci-e is a bit better but still the x800 wins in terms of performance.

    You say your card is only 2 years old, I remember the warrenty should be around 3 years, maybe you can get it replaced but you'd probly have to pay shipping - still cheaper than getting a new card
  2. Thanks for the reply!

    Yes the warrenty is 3 years so there should be no problem but the shop can't give me a X800PRO 256MB because they can't deliver those cards anymore (that's not my problem offcourse).

    Mmmmm, the X1600 is just a little bit better then a 9800PRO ?!?!?! Oops I didn't know that :(

    The X1600 with 512MB is also not better than the broken card X800PRO/TD 256MB ?

    Seems the shop is going to have a problem with me not wanting the X1600 512MB :(

    (The card must be AGP because off my older motherboard P4P800SE)
  3. I am yet to see an X1600XT on AGP which means it would probably be an X1600Pro, these are pretty unpowered, can barely beat out a GeForce 6600GT. The X1600 also isn't a true 12-pipe card as it has only 4 ROPs (if I remember right) which decimates its real performance.

    Possible alternatives are:

    6800LE/XT (8 pipes but unlocked and it's a monster, 12 pipes beats my X800GTO, 16 pipes and you're laughing)
    6800 Ultra
    7600GT (not sure if these come in AGP)
    X800GTO (I have one and its quite good)
    X800GTO2 (can be unlocked to 16 pipes in some cases but not sure if AGP variants exist)

    Don't get suckered in by 512mb RAM, it's a gimmick because the uninformed think, more RAM = faster which isn't true. 256mb is plenty adequate with 128mb usually enough as well.
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