New custom built gaming rig with intel...advice Please

Mobo:Soltek SL-865Pro2-FGR
Cpu:Intel Pentuim 4 3.0ghz HT 800FSB 1mb L2
Mem:G.SKILL Value 2GB (2 x 1GB) DDR 400
Video:BFG Geforce 6800GT OC 256MB AGP
HDD:60GB And 40GB
PSU:Logisys 480W Power Supply

Please Give me Input on this. I have neverd owned a intel in my life so please tell me what will i see differnt in this rig.

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  1. Well, here it goes:

    1- Soltek??? 8O
    2- Intel 865??? 8O
    3- P4??? 8O
    3- AGP??? 8O
    4- 60GB - 40 GB??? 8O

    Are you serious? Is that what you call a "new gaming rig"? Sure it has good graphic power, but, the rest of it looks kinda old.
    First of all, if you plan on gaming, buy an AMD processor, not Intel.
    Second, buy a nForce mobo, not Intel.
    Third, buy a PCI-Express video card, not AGP.
    Fourth, buy a bigger HDD, because with those, you're pretty short on storage.

    I hope this helps you with future rigs. :wink:
  2. i dont have tons of money lol i am poor and its better then my anthlon 900mhz i have been using for like 5 years
  3. My first questions are :
    How much are you paying for each component?
    Have you purchased already?
    If not, what is your budget?
    Do you prefer an Intel to an AMD?

    Unless you're getting a killer deal on all of the parts you might want to look at a Pentium D or AMD 64/X2. Or if you feel like sticking with P4 atleast get ddr2 (which would require a mobo that has ddr2 slots and a change in the memory).
    I'd suggest looking at a mobo which also has PCI-e so you can grab a 7xxx series nvidia (lower power consumption, more performance per watt) or an ATI x1800 series (or better)
  4. I was trying to be nice, but you read my mind lol.
  5. I got all this for $500 from a buddy of mine he is going in the service and got a laptop so i dont think its a bad deal
  6. ok deal for 500
  7. Well, that is for sure a killer deal... 8)
  8. am i in for a big change from my amd life and goign ot intel because i have never touched intel until now so if you have anything i should know about please tell me :)
  9. First, Hyperthreading. It's going to be kinda shocking to see 2 "processors" in Task Manager...
    Here's a link about it:
    Second, Dual channel DDR RAM. Theoretically, twice the bandwith. Really, 50%-80% more bandwith.
    Overall, a smoother, faster, user experience. Enjoy! :wink:

    EDIT: Here's a link about Dual channel DDR:
  10. lol, you aren't in for a big change at all man. That is a fine system, obviously you wouldnt want to go out and buy those parts new, but since you got an okay deal on them used, it's fine. YOu aren't even going to notice a difference in the CPU, aside from what Multiple just mentioned, but that isn't a big deal.
  11. so it will run wow and cod2 and all them games fine i hope =D
  12. For sure! I play oblivion and cod2 on my computer. And for nowadays, it's gotten really low-end for gaming (see 3dmark link).
  13. Quote:
    For sure! I play oblivion and cod2 on my computer. And for nowadays, it's gotten really low-end for gaming (see 3dmark link).

    Your 05 score is higher than mine. I'm using an X600, along with an A64 and 1GB of DDR400. The link in my sig is using a P4, but aside from that, my system is the same.
  14. Quote:
    I have neverd owned a intel in my life so

    You still have a month or so of opportunity left.
  15. Your system should mark somewhere around my score.
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