What PSU and mobo for my new Conroe build ???

Hi guys,

I'm going for a new system build next month when Conroe comes out (E6600). I was wondering if you could give me some advice on buying an PSU and mobo for the build.

What size PSU would be required (especially considering I would like to upgrade down the line - maybe to quad core Kentsfield and go the SLI route). I assume Kentsfield will be compatible with the 975X chipset right? I want to make sure I'm adequately amped down the road.

Would you recommend the Intel D975XBX mobo? If so, what PSU would be best for this mobo?


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  1. What? No one likes my thread? I guess Google will have to do.
  2. Dude,

    You did not receive a reply in one hour and 10 minutes.

    And you are ready to pack it up?

    How about one day before you pack it up?

    Let me look and I will try to obilge with a somewhat intelligent answer. There are a few Mobos that are set for release on the 4th of July. I think this is why you have had so little response as information on supporting boards has been sparse.
  3. Oh I see. I was under the impression that the D975XBX was Conroe compatible. Do you know if these mobos are compatible with Kentsfield?

    Would be great if they could just give you one mobo and you could just upgrade your chip every 12 months. What a scam.

    I guess a start would be to look out for the July 4th mobos. Any idea which ones they are? Thanks.

  4. Good one. Thanks.

  5. wait until the proc comes out. other chipset manufactuers like ati, nvidia & via will have chip sets that will support conroe too.
  6. The bad axe will need moding. The P5W HD comes with a kitchen sink. There is a 975x DFI at newegg.

    PSU depends most on the video card. A good 450-500 for a single, over $200 for crossfire.
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