Higher resolution the better?

ok, so im thinking about getting a Viewsonic VX922, and its listed as 1280 by 1024, ok now.. is having a higher resolution better? right now my crt is runnint at 1024X768 and im loving it!.. now.. with 1280x1024(which is recommended.. does that drain more on Vid card or processor?

i have heard many different stories.. lower resolution mostly runs off of cpu, and higher runs mostly off of vid.. whats true? and what is the best resolution to play FPS(battlefield 2, and other games like that) at?
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  1. The higher the better, IF your pc can handle it of course. But the higher resolution asks more power from your video card.
    In windows you wont notice it (unless your system is really slow).

    But if you want to play games you really can see the difference. Atleast new games on my pc wont go over 1024*786 and still play good because my video card just doesnt cut it.

    About lower res. run of the cpu i doubt it. And the best resolution is personal. a friend of mine has a LCD with 1280*1024 resolution, but 1024*786 still looks nice to me. But on a LCD the res. it is made for is the sharpest/best.

    Hopefully this helped a bit.
  2. system specs... to run bf2 on max at 1280 x 1024 ull need a beefy card/proc/ and 2 gigs of memory at LEAST... u can prob get away with running it on close to high with a 6800gt and any decent proc... but for best results a 7800gt will run it on ultra... if u have a lower range gpu id suggest getting another crt if u dont mind the size, there also cheaper and have no native resolution. the problem with lcd (for me at least) is they have a native resoltion and if u use anything out of it, it basically looks like crap. CRT's on the other hand always look pretty amazing...
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