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Hi; I'm planning my first homebuilt pc and would like to use a 2 box setup with a seperate box, ps, and fans for hard drives only. I have 3 quick questions. 1) does anyone know of any dedicated cases designed just for drives? 2) since the ps will only be powering the drives and only 1 drive is accessed at a time, can I use a small power supply with a seperate larger ps in the mainbox for the mobo and cards and how much power is enough for just the drives? 3) since HDs don't generate alot of heat, can I get away with just 1 exhaust fan to ventilate the whole box? Thanks in advance for any advice...stevenpchurch
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  1. i absolutely dont understand ur ahrddrive question.

    although i can answer the exaust question.

    but in order for me to make an accurate judgement u gotta tell me what case and what is going to be in the system
  2. I think I know what you want but lets be sure.

    You want to build two computer cases side by side but with one of them only housing hard drives and it's own power supply. I'm not sure whether there is a box that can just hold hard drives and a power supply with some fans. Exactly how many hard drives are you interested in?

    There are many cases out there that will let you hold in excess of 8 hdd's, more than needed by most file servers, and will still fit all your other requirements. If you want them on different power supplies then get a case like the coolermaster stacker which will fit 2 full size psu's in one case.
  3. Hi folks; Yes, Waylander, that's exactly what I'm thinking of. I can fill up a 200 gig drive about every 8 mos and since I want this pc for a home recording studio, recording direct to the hard drive, I figure I'll double that. I thought that having 1 seperate PS (about 350 watts or so) just for the hard drives would let a 500 watt PS in the main box handle everything else with juice to spare and the 2nd box would allow me to keep adding drives as I needed them (I have 3 drives now and am almost ready for a 4th)...stevenpchurch
  4. Like I said I don't think you need to go to the trouble of getting separate cases. The coolermaster stacker or thermaltake armor will both hold up to 10 drives. The stacker will allow for dual psu's or you can just get one psu with at least 750w.

    If you want to do this I would actually suggest just building a file server and putting it on a network. A good gigabit network will transfer data as fast as a hdd can write and then you won't need to place both computers side by side. you won't even need a video card for the file server (except during OS installation) just a mb, cpu and ram.

    IF you still want to build two boxes side by side with the hdd's connected to the main computer it will be very ugly and you will need a mb that will support up to the number of hdd's that you want. Some mb's will come with 8 s-ata ports and along with the ide (another 3) you could get up to 11 hdd's. BUT again, the stacker or armor will handle that many hdd's so what's the point in two cases?
  5. i agree with waylander. the larest HDD's u can buy are waht 750GB? correct me if im wrong. at ur rate u will be using PCI-IDE thingies. soon u'll be out. so getting maybe a lower end opteron and letting it run as a file server is a good idea
  6. Thanks folks; you've convinced me! I'll look at the coolermaster and thermaltake boxes. If i can get everything into one case, then it's definitely a better solution than running cables from 1 box to another. Thanks again for your advice...stevenpchurch
  7. Lian-Li also makes some large HDD cases. The PC-V2100plus has 12 internal 3.5" bays with room to add 6 more in 5.25" bays, and still have a 5.25" bay for an optical drive.

    It's a bit pricey, but SUPER future proof for craploads of HDD space.
  8. Agreed on the Lian-Li case, they are monsters and you end up paying for them. If he thinks he will go that high for hdd's then it's a good investment but even with space for 12 hdds/optical drives I think either the stacker or armor is more than enough for his needs.
  9. Uh....more than one hard drive can be accessed at a time. And most hard drives don't stop spinning just because they're not being accessed. Are you planning a ton of individual drives or going with a RAID 5 array? It would make sense since even with single individual drives you risk data failure but with RAID 5 if you loose one drive you don't loose any data. And the chances of 2 drives failing simultaneously is quite low.

    And yeah I'd just get like the Lian Li case with 12 hard drive bays. You don't seem to be cutting any costs so just use the new 750GB drives or 500GB drives (can get two 500GB drives for the cost of one 750GB drive). Then get an 8-12 drive RAID 5 SATA controller card. Run the other 4 hard drives off the motherboard. If you need another controller card later on you can add one.

    For all those hard drives and the system itself I'd go with a 600W power supply or more. Don't want to not have enough power.
  10. yah lian li's are good.

    as for power. Fortron 700w elipson.
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