Should I overclock my AMD X2 3800+?


I got a AMD X2 3800+ Dual model with an ASUS A85NX mobo, with 1GB value ram with another 1gb on the way.

Anyways my temps are:

CPU: 34C

CPU: 37C

I'm using the stock fan but I got pretty good airflow in the case, so that helps a bit. You guys think I should overclock it? I never did but read a few articles and I'm a good learner. :)

Thanks, and if anyone knows an article for overclocking this CPU, please post it.

- Tomer
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  1. you dont need to overclock unless you just want to
    because you wont see any diff except in benchmarks
    and very little at that
  2. sorry i forgot that you are getting another gig of ram
    that will make the biggest diff
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