Raid 0+1 keeps crashing with new Windows 7

I am quite frustrated, since my clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, the raid 0+1 (AKA Raid 10) keeps crashing on the 4th drive and I have even replaced it with a brand new drive to see if it would correct the problem. At one point a couple weeks ago the third drive crashed too, but that was just a one time occurance, I rebuilt the array and it has been fine since. When I replaced the 4th drive on Saturday, it has been fine until this morning. I am running an EVGA X58 with the Intel onboard Raid Controller. I have 4 Western Digital 500GB drives operating in the Raid, 3 are 16mb cache and the 4th is a replacement and all they had was the 32mb cache. WD's website indicates they are recognized as identical other than this. Any thoughts or do you need more information before you could suggest anything?
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  1. I can only suggest the following:

    -try different SATA cables
    -try connecting the drives in different arrangements (first drive becomes fourth, fourth becomes first, etc.)
    -try replicating the set up on another computer, to see if the hard drives themselves have problems.
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    The solution is replace Intel Matrix Storage Driver with ver. THe last driver is the cause of problem. Replicate for this solution to your friends with the same situation. I say Milton López from Panamá.
  3. I must say I have thought about trying that... thanks for the post! I just tore the computer apart this weekend and replaced all the power/sata combo cables that I have been using to make sure that they were new, good and tight... so far it has been 2 days without a crash and I am beginning to wonder if a power connector for one of the drives was loose... the only reason I think that could be a possibility was when I replaced the cables and made all new connections, I noticed where the power connection coming off the power supply to where I connect the hard drive to and the power/sata combo wire connect in the hard drives place was SLIGHTLY not connected 100% and the drive would not work. So I will give this a try, if I get no failures I am going to stick with the build of the driver. Next time I get in to the case for anything though, I am going to use some small zip-ties to strap the power connection together on all the drives so there can be no accidental disconnect.

    If I do experience another failure, reverting back to the 1009 version of the driver (which is what the CD came with to begin with) will be the FIRST thing I try. :) Thanks for your help!!
  4. I have an update... it has been stable until recently, it crashed at a cold boot. It was off overnight (not a normal occurance) and when I turned it on, the computer started to boot, but before even the bios beep it turned off for like 2 seconds and then booted up like normal (other than the message that SATA3 had failed in the array) any thoughts? What would cause a computer to do that with the power cycling? I have a 1200watt supply.
  5. Well... now after time, and thorough testing, I would have to say that malexis04 had the right answer. I also googled their theory and it seems there are a number of people that are all in agreement with them on this. My raid seems to be running at 100% now!! Thank you mlexis04 and Thank You Tom's Hardware for offering this site to learn solutions!!
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