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I am seeking advice on a case with 16 or more 3.5 drive slots. I am seeking a case to use with 16 hard drives, 1 optical drive and 1 floppy.

The best I can find is the ATX-7765U ( with 8 3.5 bays and 4 5.25 bays. With one 5.25 for the optical and a cage to convert 3 5.25 bays into 4 3.5 bays this would yield 12 3.5 bays. Approx cost is $160 with new PS, drive cage and fans.

The Lian Li PC-V2000Bplus II looks promising with 12 internal 3.5 bays out of the box, the only downside being the high price $250 - $300 plus PS. Anyone have one loaded up with drives?

Does anyone know of a case capable of housing 12 or more hard drives and one optical drive?
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  1. You can try the thermaltake ( armor case. It has space for 11 5.25 / 3.5 drives and another 3 3.5 drives. This will get you to 13 - hdd's and 1 optical.
  2. Take a look at the PC-V2100Bplus II
    12 internal 3.5"drive bays, with 7 5.25" bays. You can convert 6 of those to 3.5"s and have 18 total with one left over for the optical. A tad bit expensive, but its got the room you need.
  3. Cooler Master Stacker
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