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what's best for duel x1900's

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June 22, 2006 7:15:42 PM

ok so.. i want to build a system around the duel x1900 vid cards.. what is
the best cpu and board to go with this? and what kind of power supply / cooling should i run with this, and finally.. would the tai chi case go good with this as well? thnx for reading. ( if there is better vid cards then this.. please tell me.. i hear these are the best though, best render .. game cards.. [gaming cpu] ) 8O

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June 22, 2006 7:44:48 PM

Which x1900's? the xt or the xtx? As to processor any high end dual core will work, it comes down to your budget and preference. If you want wait get a conroe if not get am2. As to power that will depend on what else you have on your system. I would suggest at least 600w.

Cooling will depend on if you want to OC or not. As long as you have good air flow in the system and you aren't OCing then you should be ok with stock cooling.

Just a heads up that there is a 7950GTX card with 1gb of gddr3 ram with incorporates 2 gpu cores on one card. This would cost less than 2 separate video cards and perform as well.
June 22, 2006 7:53:05 PM

im not sure if its xt or xtx.. the better one.. i have no budget, sky is the limit.. but the best possible stuff... i mean there is cpu's for like 1400 bux... but for a huge price different, u can get a same cpu for a fraction of the performance.. and the conroe comes out in a month? i don't know much about it... but i heard there is a cheap intel processor u can get and overclock it to 3.8 for like 300-400 bux.. compared to 1200$ fx-60 or something.. this is what i have storming in my head..

top of the line.

-soundcard (x-fi prolly)

then the best gear for the best price.


it's going to be a 100% gaming computer so.. which ever works best.
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June 22, 2006 8:16:47 PM

Some suggestions then.

Ram: 2 x 1gb kits from Corsair, mushkin or ocz are my favorites. get as low timings as you can and if DDR on 939 get at least DDR500 or on am2/conroe get DDR800

Case: Very personal to taste, get something all aluminum for heat and strength. Lian Li, Cooler master, Antec, Thermaltake... etc.

Cooling: if you are going to OC a lot then get a water cooling system... don't buy a kit unless it's like the swiftech or danger den ones which use very good components that they sell separately as well.

Power supply: if you are going to OC and sli/cf with water cooling get at least 600w I would suggest 750w. Good brands are Antec, Enermax, Fortron, PC P&C,Seasonic and Silverstone.

Motherboard: will depend on the socket, I personally like asus and dfi.

Video cards: like i said in my first post either the x1900xtx or 7950gtx

CPU: don't get a crappy 805 (which I think you are referring to), get something high end then OC that and you are cooking. If you want extreme why start low and OC to the best available? Take the best available and OC to what no one else can match.

BUT if you can wait a month see what conroe can offer. Your motherboard and ram will depend on what cpu you get.
June 22, 2006 8:37:12 PM

thnx a lot. this forum is great.
June 22, 2006 8:49:52 PM

Which x1900's? the xt or the xtx?
Does it even matter? The difference is so small a CPU won't change anything.

As to the whole system, either get two X1900 XTs or a quad SLI rig if you're looking to run resolutions like 2560x1600.
June 22, 2006 9:05:35 PM

I agree that it doesn't really matter to what cpu you get but since money is no object you get bragging rights if nothing else.... worth a lot to some.
June 22, 2006 9:19:18 PM

If it's bragging rights that you're after, learn to spell, damn it! It shoudl be dual x1900's, not duel. Duel is a competition between two things. Dual indicates a pair.
June 22, 2006 9:25:24 PM

Please don't respond to me if you are going to ridicule someone else. I spelled it right.
June 22, 2006 11:04:08 PM

xfire is worthless, mainly for noobs who like to show off, but just my 2 cents, but anyways, go for it if you have the money.
June 22, 2006 11:43:12 PM

xfire is worthless, mainly for noobs who like to show off, but just my 2 cents, but anyways, go for it if you have the money.
Are they "noobs" because they have more than you? :roll:
June 23, 2006 12:47:42 AM

lol.. i didn't mean for this to turn into battle of the ego's.. and if xfire sucks.. then why not critique on my choice? .. im open for idea's here..
i here the 7950cards are better.. but then some say the x1900's are better to... and is it safe to say ill go with an fx-60 cpu?
June 23, 2006 8:30:48 PM

i say go 7950gx2, its not as good as 2 x1900xt's, its like 2 7900gtx's in sli on one card...and its cheap...relatively speaking, and with that extra hmm 200 bucks u can get a better cpu, better or more ram, a sound card, better case, better anything! i mean the 7950gx2 will run games to come, and if u ever feel like it u can sli that and have like 4 7900gtx's in quad-sli, just wicked!