Something fell off my X800XL HELP QUICK!!!

I was cleaning up my X800XL 256mb heatsink this morning and I noticed something was wrong with one of the transistors (I think that's the name for it.. don't know though). It was all bent towards me.. and I know I didn't do it.. since I was really careful and while trying to put it back into place.. it fell off

I didn't even put a slight amount of pressure on my finger that it fell off.. it was pretty much going to fall off on his own. this is the 512mb version I believe but the transistor is pretty much located around the same place on my card...

Is it an important piece? cause right now the card is working fine.. everything works and I can play games and everything

help me :/
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  1. it's probably there for a reason. get your soldering iron out...
  2. Thats a capacitor dude. its prolly a filter for power. IC's need lots of filters, they are sensitive to noisy DC power. Caps smooth DC power and keep voltage regulated at a solid amount. Odds should prolly put it back on. ALTHOUGH, depending on how its hooked up (have to see a schematic for the board) and if you had or know how to use a volt meter you could trace its connections and figure it out. BUuuuut...just solder it back on if you can. If you have no volt meter, and no soldering iron, and no idea what im talking about. Plug it in and try it and if it dies buy a new vid card.

    Good luck.


    It looks polarized to me as well. That means it goes on only ONE way (the way it is in the picture. its electrolitic)...otherwise you hook power up backward and BOOM...
  3. That is distinctly a capacitor. All electronics sold now have to be RoHs compliant now a days. That means that they can't use lead based solder anymore in manufacturing. There is going to be much more of these kinds of issues with all electronics in the near future as all electronics have to use the new process now. Just use a soldering iron and tack it back on. There is no issue with using lead based solder to do it.
  4. If I remove the card from my comp and post a picture.. would it help you determine if it's easy to put back on?
  5. It should be simple if the terminals are not broken off the Cap. Preferably, have someone with soldering experience do it so the board doesn't get burnt and that there isn't a solder bridge to the outer can shell. The direction it is mounted is important as stated in a previous post. you should be able to tell by the silk screening on the board and near other parts that look the same.
  6. Soldering it back on shouldnt be that hard, if its not possible to solder back on because the leads are gone or unsuable, then figure out what it is and buy one from your local electronic component store or order one from digikey or someplace

    if you cant find a capacitor with the same rating - you can hook two of them up in parallel and they're rattings add up(capacitace ratting - farads)

    had a capcitor blow up on me on an old G4ti4600 and it work out alright soldering in a new cap.

    hope this works out for you
  7. Sure post one.

    From the picture you already posted it should be easy to put back on. Get a soldering iron with a pointy tip on it, some solder wick( copper braid, used to remove solder) suck up the crap solder on the foot print pads so they are nice and clean... then after both pads are clean and solder free... apply solder to ONE pad place the cap in the correct orientation and solder that ONE foot first...while the solder is still hot with your other hand press down on the cap so it is sitting all the way down on the board (still in the correct position). Remove your iron and wait a few seconds. Next, heat the other foot up and apply solder ( heating goes quick so becareful not to melt part of the cap base). PRESTO. cap is on and vid card is saved.

    ( I used to work in a electionics lab for a few years surface mount components are really fun to work with once you get good at soldering)

    Hope this helps.
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