Hey everyone,
The motherboard and everything in the system WAS working fine until I tried to add the second card to SLI. Seemed to work a couple of days then freezes..progressing to crashing reboots, on load up of games AND then desktop. Random error logs....

Everything was running fine until a week after adding the second EVGA 7900 GT KO. They are both the same model from the same company. Worked fine at first, bios set up right, Nforce drivers 6.70 video drivers from EVGA/nvidia 84.56 SLI enabled... BIOS version 1014.

Started getting radom blue screen crashes. Some as BF2 would start loading, some at desktop, various error logs that didnt' make sense. Thougt it might be the harddrive so I tried it on the other harddrive with same XP SP2 setup. Same. I ran diagnosic full on both memory and harddrive, no errors, nothing. I cleared out all drivers and used driver cleaner..nothing changed. The random reboots and freezes just got worse. Did a reformat, same problem. Ugggggg. Took out the second card as several of the errors did say problem with new device. Both cards show as working fine. Took out second card....and all was well. The reason I bought a SLI was to SLI my cards, duh. Looking for help on problem solving. Is not a heat issue btw.
I appreciate any help or tests to isolate the issue..hardware or drivers..

You guys KNOW how long it took to narrow things down this far. Sent inquires to both EVGA and ASUS..but you ya'll know how that goes.
Appreciate any help.
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  1. Many people have seem to have problems with the eVGA's 7900GT's... Look for another thread in this forum, it's all about these cards.
  2. I forgot to ask (probably you've already covered this), did you check your PSU? Is it enough for your specs?
  3. Sorry for the delay, left town for weekend.

    Yes, PSU and power supply are not an issue, however I am catching wind that even if the two respective power plugs coming from the power unit are on the same rail, it might be a power issue. Hmmm. I'll read up elsewhere also..thanks for the reply.

  4. Evga has replaced those video card with a new model, check their webiste or call their tech support for help. They will most likely rma the card with the new model number which has been fixed.
  5. Yeah,

    Use a digital multimeter (borrow it from somebody, thats what i do), and then make sure your psu is putting out enougth juice. Dont forget to chekc both rails (+ and -). If you find that everything is okay, try to RMA your board, I had a bad Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe. One day it just went out on me. Good luck
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