Article - Are Games Getting Easier?

Like most other responders I disagree with the author specifically about saving games. FarCry, Ghost Recon and a number of other titles are very challenging and don't have user defined saves.

But the option to "save a game" is necessary in a lot of games because of the AI engines. Unlike FarCry lots of AI engines are not very random enemies and are programmed to channel the outcome. In some games the player follows a set sequence of events to complete a mission otherwise you lose and must replay the mission over and over and over until you stumble upon the right sequence. Like kill this ship this way, then kill that ship this way or go to this cave first then go to that other cave, regardless of whether you killed all ships or visited all caves in the mission.

Other games have challenges that can not be completed in 1 or 2 hours for instance a real time trans-continental flight in FS2004.

The article got me :mad: when I read first read it earlier this month but now I'm playing one of those follow this sequence programmed sequence game missions I felt :mad: :mad: and needed to write.

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  1. See the other topic put up stating are games getting easier? Think that maybe that's where this post (who lets face it no one will care about) should have gone?

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  2. I propose that all newbies to THG are restricted to the other forum for their first 10 posts (as if I would have anything to say about it :smile: ).

    If someone cares to revisit here after that, they're certainly fit for healthy contributions elsewhere on the forums. I'm certain that there will be awesome support for my proposal.


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  3. I agree, but for all the wrong reasons.

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  4. We know your reasons though. It's unspoken and feared by all.
  5. I'll give you a hint. It has something to do with my rancid pant-sausage.

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  6. i think you should say your rancid pant <i>vienna</i> sausage

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  7. I personally think someone is just having a laugh. I can't see that this many noobs are really interested. In fairness all we seem to be doing lately is slating noobs when we should be talking about games.

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  8. Cocktail sauce, anyone?
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