Asus P5P800-SE with 930 dual core

Please can anyone tell me if the Asus P5P800-SE when coupled with a Pentium 930 dual core, when run on WinXP, is shown as a SINGLE core only?. I was just about to buy them when I was informed of this. I have contacted Asus for clarification but have received no reply to date. Any information on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanx.
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  1. Heres a link to the motherboard

    ASUS P5P800-SE

    and one for the CPU

    They are compatible (05A) but don't know if it will show single core.
    Where did this info come from?
  2. I was actually on the verge of leaving the shop with mobo and cpu and asked the salesman (who had only worked there for a couple of weeks) one last time if he was 100% certain that they are completely compatible, he said yes and immediately confirmed the queery with an obviously senior salesman who was standing next to him, well, he emphatically stated "no" saying it would only show as a single core cpu, he also pointed out 2 other AGP boards from Via I think, that do completely support 930 dual core, both of which are considerably cheaper! unfortunately I only want Intel chipset. The newbie salesman could not believe that such cheaper boards could be more supportive of the cpu. Alas I gave him 15 mins to come up with the evidence but of course he never, and here I am.
  3. A salesman that tells the truth! :lol:

    I'd wait for the reply from ASUS then, or get a different board
  4. It did appear that the senior salesman got a kick out of shafting the newbie upstart. I dont expect to hear from Asus now.
    So if I'm forced to go the PCI X way then I shall wait for Conroe, many thanx for your help ;-)
  5. Acording to web site it should support the 930 I have the board and it shows 2 cpu's in device manager but the big problem would be you having to upgrade the bios because out of the box it probly would not reconize the 930 chip. I used a 630 on my board and updated to the new bios right from the fiirst boot and after that there is even a new version of bios for the newer chips good luck> my system runs rock solid oc'ed to 3.3 on a 3.0gig cpu with zalman 9500 HSF.
  6. Thanks for your reply, you wouldn't happen to know if your boards original bios was 0301, if so then the 930 revB1 cpu should boot up (according to Asus site), but the 930 revC1 cpu needs a bios of 0704 or later.
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