Which Modular PSU is best?

I am planning on doing my computer build right after conroe comes out. I pretty much have decided on all of the parts I am going to get, except for the power supply. The specs of my comp are as follows:

E6600 Conroe CPU (oc'ed)
Nvidia Nforce 590 SLI mobo
2gigs of DDR-2 800 Memory (OCZ)
74gb Raptor hd
320gb Seagate 7200.10 hd
DVD+-RW Drive
Thermaltake Bigwater 735 Water Cooling
Evga 7900 gt KO Superclocked

To be able to run all of these items, I think I will need a good PSU in the (550-650 watt range). I have been researching PSU's but can't decide on one that meets my specific needs.

*I would like a psu that is QUIET, MODULAR, AND POWERFUL*

The one that seems to meet my needs is the ultra x2 550 watt. However, I have heard that it gets so-so efficiency reviews.

What are your guys thoughts on which power supply would best meet my needs or is the ULTA the one that is right for me?
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  1. The ULTRA X2 550 has dual 12v rails (which is good) but, is shown to be 78% efficent when pulling 350 watts. The efficiency goes down even further the more energy is used - down to around 70% at 550. This is on the low end of the spectrum of efficiency ratings.

    The XCLIO Greatpower 600, on the other hand, has a quad 12v rail system with good amps - 18 - and, according to Newegg, 99% efficiency with Active Power Correction.
  2. That all looks well and good but do you plan on OCing? Are you going to add a gpu water block to that bigwater?

    I would change the water cooling to a custom set up... why build a custom computer with a boxed water cooling unit?

    Also, for power supplies the Enermax Liberty 620w, OCZ modstream 520w, Silverstone ST60F 600w and Thermaltake 500w.

    All modular and from good manufacturers.

    Your system won't need even 450w but give yourself some room and get 500w minimum. 600w and over aren't necessary.
  3. Thank You both for your very useful replies. As I had thought the Ultra psu is not that efficient, and therefore I plan not to purchase it. I reviewed the 4 psu's listed and checked their prices and reviews on newegg. The enermax has molex and sata plugs on one cable (clutter) and it is quite expensive ($160). The OCZ had problems with holding consistent volt rails. The Silverstone is also expensive ($150), and is all modular except for the sata plugs. And finally the Thermaltake had noise problems.

    Although it seems like I am being very picky, I only want the best for my system, that I will be completely happy with. *What I neglected to mention in my original post is that I "ideally" wanted to pay $130 for a PSU but I am reluctantly willing to pay more*

    I went to Thermaltakes website and saw they have a new line of PSU's out. They even have a 700 watt PSU with modular cabeling and 140 mm fan (quiet!).

    Any other ideas?
  4. Take a look at the XCLIO line of products....
  5. or the hiper modular psu.

  6. sigh,

    NeoHE 550w.

    best modular for the money
  7. I bought the Hiper 580. Should work great.
  8. The Hiper 580 looks really good... I am undecided on which color to get though and where to buy it from (any thoughts?)
  9. all i can say is you get what you pay for
  10. Well, newegg.com has it in black, silver, blue, and red. I ordered the black to go with the exterior of my case, which is black. It's up to you, really.

    Also consider that, if you have a window, not all of it will be visible. But, the finish on the Hiper is gorgeous, so you won't have to worry about it too much.
  11. I agree you do get what you pay for with power suplies..... I havent seen any cheap Tagans, or Silverstones around.

    They are good they both make modular PSUs
  12. the NeoHE 550w is better, triple 12v rails with 18 amps each
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