Which graphics card can I get for a 800Mhz computer?

Which graphics card can I get for my 800Mhz and 512MB RAM computer? If you know a place where I can get it cheap, let me know. Links please.
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  1. Geforce 4 Ti 4200
  2. Quote:
    Geforce 4 Ti 4200

    all has been said, anything beside that will just bottleneck and crap out
  3. Quote:
    Geforce 4 Ti 4200

    How did you find out which one would work?
  4. because only old video cards that dont requiere high end cpu's will work, and so happen to be that that vid. card is old, maybe an ati 7000 will run on ur pc, but i dont really know that much about old cards.
  5. 'R u in the US. I've seen GeForce 2 64mb's at the 'ol walmart. I don't know if you'd buy anything for a computer there but just a suggestion. Their are some of those sub $30 cards on newegg too.
  6. I like my geforce 4000 MX. It uses passive cooling so no noise and is 50$ at wal-mart. I to have a 800mhz computer.
  7. the GeForce4 Ti4200/4600 are great cards. I myself am using a GeForce3 Ti200. It is also a viable option, especially for the price you can pick one up for on Ebay. I got mine a few months ago for $15, shipping included. The Geforce Ti4200 and Ti 4600 go for around $25 to $35 on Ebay. I would definately stay away from the MX series of the GeForce4, as they perform on par with Geforce2 cards and lack hardware pixel shader support (meaning you can't play Lego Star Wars, and everyone wants to play Lego Star Wars). Also, if you plan to ever use the TV-out function of your video card, keep in mind that the GeForce3 Ti200 and Ti500 use awsome Tv-out encoder chips, allowing up to 1024x768 output to TV. The GeForce4 MX and the FX (GeForce5) series have super crappy TV-out functionality, as they don't use a third party dedicated TV-out encoder chip. The GeForce4 Ti series (4200/4600/4800) will allow you to split your output to your TV as well as your moniter, at the same time. The GeForce3 series only allows for one or the other (meaning, if you enable TV-out, your computer moniter goes blank). I'm not sure what TV-out encoder chips are used in the Ti-series of the GeForce4 line, but I believe they are quality 3rd party chips like the GeForce3 series. I personally recommend any of the Ti series cards from NVidia's GF3 and GF4 series.
  8. Quote:
    because only old video cards that dont requiere high end cpu's will work, and so happen to be that that vid. card is old, maybe an ati 7000 will run on ur pc, but i dont really know that much about old cards.
    It's not that the newest AGP cards won't be physically compatible (even the newest, most top-end AGP card should still work on the 1.5 volt AGP 4x mobo), it just that a brand-new, "top of the line" AGP card will not get him any more performance than one of these old graphics cards. The cpu become so much of a bottleneck that the graphics card is constantly waiting on the cpu. A GF3 or a GF4 Ti is a great match for one of these old 800 MHz cpus, if not a bit overkill.
  9. you can get basicly nothing but pci graphics cards

    heres a geforce fx 5700LE http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814139166

    heres a geforce 6200

    heres a geforce4 mx440

    they will all pretty much perform the same as your cpu is extremely old
  10. Quote:
    Which graphics card can I get for my 800Mhz and 512MB RAM computer? If you know a place where I can get it cheap, let me know. Links please.
    Look on eBay. You might find a good deal there, just make sure that the vendor has a non-DOA policy. GL :)
  11. on my 933mhz p3 with 256mb ram i just installed a 128mb fx5500 that i bought for 30 bucks off buy.com for me it performs unbelievably better than my old 32mb tnt2, i would go with fx just because ive tried it and its great, i dont know much about the geforce 4 series, but dont they only have like 64 megs....128 at most?

    id go with 128mb for any card

  12. THe thing is, it's not about the size of the memory for the most part, but other factors that really make or break a decent graphics card. The GF4 Ti series easily blows your fx5500 out of the water.
  13. in protection to my $30 video card lol... it wouldnt blow it out of the water... but yes the geforce 4 ti series is better, because those are the top-line of series 4, and my fx5500 is the budget line of 5

    but anyway since urs and mine only supports agpx4 having 256 memory is almost useless because the bandwidth is smaller ; joefriday how much to geforce 4 ti 4200, 4600, etc all cost?

    but like right now on newegg the fx5500 is 30 bucks plus shipping, and u wont see that great of a differrence between them, personally for my computer, its at the end of its life and i dont wanna spend more than like 30-40 on a video card


  14. http://www.geeks.com/details.asp?invtid=TI4200-64-TD&cat=VCD

    Only one left in stock New Ti4200 $20+7 shipping.
  15. Good find man, and a good price too.
  16. Ti 4600 to a radeon 9500, 64-128 ram. I've run both, my 9700 shows no improvement, that's on an old 866 with 512MB RAM. All AGP too.
  17. is the ti4200 there better than my fx5500 because it only has 64mb, thats not enough for some games that have a lot of textures although for the games that our computers can handle its enough

    and is it worth playing guild wars on my computer that has dial up?(im going off topic but who cares)

    PIII 933mhz
    256mb ram
    fx5500 128mb operating at x4

    idk i had to ask...

  18. GW plays fine on any of those cards, the 4200 is a bit slower than a 4600 so you may need to run at lower rez. The fx5 series cards suck, they are a generation ahead of the 4x00 though so it may play better, I personally only sold 5 series cards to my brother, he can play doom3 on his 5700 though.
  19. ya i was just gonna add that the geforce 4 series cards are only like directx 7 or 8 and all fx's are x9.... but do u think i could play gw on 256 ram AND dial up 56k? would it be worth it?

  20. That ti4200 with 64 MB of video memory is a little better than your fx5500 with 256 MB. Just look at Tom's Graphics cards charts (AGP charts III and IV)

    yes, the FX5 series are directx9, but your fx5500 is so weak is doesn't matter. Once again, 64 mb ram vs 256 doesn't mean crap if the card with the 256 MB of memory has a POS graphics core. A ti4600 would run a directx 9 game with about as many fps as your fx5500.
  21. it has 128mb.....but it doesnt matter... memory and clock speeds and shtuff matter more and the geforce 4 ti 4600 or whatever prolly is better at direct x8
    and prolly 9, but i paid 30 bucks free shipping for it, brand new never used, with driver and a warranty

    right now at buy.com they're selling it for 2 bucks more $32....free shipping, belive me u'll like it for 30 bucks its good


    and.....will guild wars play ok on dial up with the minimum required RAM, 256mb?
  22. Yes it will play ok, GW is a very efficient networker. As long as you don't get 24.4 :)
  23. I'm pretty sure you're all wasting your time - this guy has started about 40 threads since joining and all have been pretty dumb.
  24. i know thats why i came here, but its not about him, i wanted to see if my fx 5500 was good and i i could play gw......


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