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Ok 2 computer are running 2k .. The one up stairs has the printer hooked up.. HOw would i go about Setting the other computer to use that printer???

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  1. are the computers networked (physically connected)? if so, you just use the add printer wizard and point it to the printer that is connected.

    If they are not networked, then your question is really 'how do iset up a network in my home'.......we can help with both, but need a little more info.

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  2. Yes they are networked we see each computers and we can sent files back and frot..
  3. ok, here goes: computer 1 is the one upstairs with printer hooked up. computer 2 is the one downstairs without printer.

    on computer one, go to 'start', 'settings', 'printers'. right click on the printer icon for your printer (should be there if installed properly). select the 'sharing' tab. click the option to share this printer. click 'ok'.

    on computer 2, go to 'start', 'settings', 'printers', double click on 'add new printer'....follow the wizards instructions to add the new printer. when asked if its a local or netwrok printer select network. when asked the path to the printer, select 'browse' and point to computer 1...

    thats it!

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  4. Lol hehe all i did was go to computer 2 and find the printer thor network.... and right connt.. and that it = )
  5. uhhhhh, right. thats what i said. anyway, glad you are all set.

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