FS... Iwill KK266plus with 512 mb PC133 RAM

I am upgrading and therefore no longer have a need for my Iwill KK266plus motherboard with 512 mb PC133 RAM. I am willing to part with this delicious mobo for one thing and one thing only -- COLD HARD CASH.

Here's the breakdown:
Motherboard -- $90, plus shipping... OBO.
RAM -- $60, plus shipping... OBO.
Combo -- $140, plus shipping... OBO.

I'm also willing to depart with my Alpha PAL8045 Heatsink with 80 mm 7200 RPM Delta Screamer Fan. I need to hold on to this behemoth only long enough to get my order in from Then, I'll be transitioning over to a watercooling solution.

Heatsink with fan -- $30, plus shipping.

Good bidding.
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  1. how bout 90 for the combo? and what are the specs on the mobo?
  2. I'll go as low as $120, plus shippinh for the combo (mobo and RAM)... a boy's got to eat, you know?

  3. What are hte motherboards specs? what kind of processors does it handle and what speeds?
  4. Why are you so anxious to buy anything offered, even if you don't know what it is?

    <font color=orange>Quarter</font color=orange> <font color=blue>Pounder</font color=blue> <font color=orange>Inside</font color=orange>
    Don't step in the sarcasm!
  5. I'm building a computer room.
  6. The specs on the mobo are:

    Via KT133A Chipset
    ATA/100 support
    5.1 Surround Sound via C-Media Chip
    Supports Duron and Athlon T-Bird CPUs with 200/266 MHz FSB
    Supports PC133
    ** (I have heard that Athlon XP CPUs will run but I cannot verify this) **

    If you are familiar with Iwill mobos, they offer a number of overclocking options, including 1 MHz adjustments of the FSB, adjustment of the Vcore up to 1.85 volts, and adjustment of the VIO (+5%, +10%) via jumper on the mobo.

  7. 100 bucks. E-mail me at . I am aware of the overclocking abilities on the iwill boards. NOT BAD...
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