Anyone ever use this program??

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  1. No, but read about it sounds ok. I'm gonna give it a go tonight.
  2. Nice find dude, I'll try it and I'll be back for the results.
  3. Okay first of I created a restore point just in case this software messes up the programs.

    I installed it and everything is fine so far.

    It has a monitor, that keep track of the cpu temps , gpu , system and related sfuff. But it failed to show the voltages.

    The nTune says it can able to tune the system automatically and there's a coarse and fine tuning.

    It also has a stability test for each components or you can test the whole system at the same time.

    Im not sure about the nTune auto tuner though sounds really dangerous for the mobo's bios.
  4. I use it and it works.
  5. Well I tried it and didnt really see any improvement in fps in any of my games so I deleted it....
  6. I installed it, ran it crashed the PC, restarted & Ntune would not start up properly, tried to delete it but there was no option to uninstall it, so reinstalled over the top of it, started it up again, it worked, tried auto overclocking but said there was 12 hours to go so I just left it.

    Still cant uninstall it. I think it would be easier for me to just OC the hard way or in this case the easier way, which is through the bios.

    I got the PC to run more stable by going into the bios & using the same setting that Ntune couldn't handle. Not saying its a rubbish piece of software but it wont run properly on my current configuration
  7. I've used it for a while, one thing i would recommend is to use the settings to see how far you can overclock, then go back and change it in the bios and uninstall the program.
  8. It says in the manual to turn your voltages up a bit to give the program a bit more headroom to ocverclock, which makes sense, but you got to know what your doing & know what kind of voltages your components can handle.
  9. Granted, but the foot print of nTune puts a bad taste in my mouth. If your a beginner to overclocking, then its a great resource to get started with. True masters of overclocking use the BIOS and use this tool only to give themselves a head start. They know, as time progresses, the chip gets used to the motherboard and will begin to overclock easier. So you turn up the volume (voltage and frequency) as it gets older.

    Now one of the advantages of the Ntune system is it can overclock when more strain is put on the system; basically automatic overclocking when needed. Personally I don't use it becuase IMHO, when flexing on a CPU like that, over time it could degredade the chip. I like to leave it at its frequency for a time then hike it up after a month or 2.
  10. I have never tried to use it... But it always comes with all nForce chipset cards.
    As someone said above, always use the BIOS for overclocking. Then you have the control and not any software.
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