some good heater cores?

Sup everyone, this is my very first post on this forum. woot! Anyway, I'm going to build a new water cooled system and was going to use a HWlabs BI radiator, but after reading the introduction to this forum I thought it might be cool to get a heater core (apparently they’re cheaper and more efficient). Does anybody know any good ones?
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  1. I havent seen many people on these forums with watercooling so your question should have been askesd here - Link
  2. try to find a single pass one...
    also thinner is better..
    easiest way is to go through the catalogs at your local part shop and look at what they have....

    also take a look here...
  3. Thanks MadHacker, ya maybe I'll ask on that forum...
  4. I used 4 Ford heater cores in my rig (yes i know, 4 is a lot of radiator)

    anyway they are Pep Boys P/N 399009

    1 should be plenty for most systems, 2 if you want a nice buffer

    i think they are like 25 bucks a piece
  5. If it makes a difference the ones out of old chevettes fit nicely in the 5.25" bay. Also ones from older hondas... I think it's a prelude like late 80's are just slightly too big to fit in the 5.25" bay, but with a blow torch and a bit of bending you can make it fit.
  6. go to danger den and get their heatercores

    its been a while since i updated that sucker (due to the reason that i'm not a moderator and i cant edit stickies -_-)

    but there are better alternatives now. heatercores are still the best performers for the price, but if you seek some silence, then get the PA12.3, it is rather expensive and hard to find, but the performance is great and the fans don't have to be loud.
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