P4 630 3GHZ V's 930 Dual Core 3 GHZ - 2x L2 cashe

Q1) does the 930 run as hot as the 630?

Q2) does the 930 overclock as well as the 630?

Q3) does the 930 run perform faster with games than the 630 - marginal performance increase or substantial?
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  1. No
    and about the same :lol:

    Seriously, the 930 uses Intel's 65nm process versus the 90nm on the 630, so the 930 will run a bit cooler even though it's got dual cores. The 600 series on the 90nm process is about as big a power hog as there is out there today, particularly if you OC it. I have a 630 and they do run hot! The smaller process also makes for a bit better overclocking potential on the 930 as well. As for games, unless you can use dual core (and most games can't) they'll both be about the same.
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