X-Fi Fatal1ty +(What Speakers)

I have just ordered a new PC and have got the X-Fi Fatal1ty sound card and now I'm looking to get some good all round speakers for music, films and play games. Maybe about $300 to spend.

Was looking at . Creative Speaker Inspire TD7700
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  1. Can you get Klipsch in your area?
  2. You my friend have a good taste. I have the 2.1 Klipsch for my X-Fi Extreme Musics for about a year now and I still love it. The sound always impressed me everytime I listen to music or play games.
  3. Get logitech z5500 5.1 with DTS 96/24 I have them I love them with Xfi Xtreme Music.
  4. If it were just for music, then go for some quality 2.1s (Kilpsch, Bose) or some bookshelf speakers and an amp, however for films and games surround is very much desireable.

    By definition the Fatal1ty card is a gaming card, so I reckon just get the best Creative ones for the money.

  5. do you think its worth the extra money for the gigaworks s750's ?
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