Opteron 165, X2 4200+ or Intel 805D

Here is the senario, I mostly do media editing / encoding, and play the occasional game, I also like to have a cool and quiet system.

Which of the options below would you do if you were me?

Current System:
Asus A8N-SLI Premium
AMD 3200+ venice

Option 1:
Sell the CPU and purchase an Opteron 165 for 380+tax

Option 2:
Sell the CPU and purchase a second hand X2 4200+ for 350.00 OBO (so probably like 330.00)

Option 3:
Sell my whole rig and buy an Intel 805, Asus 775 MB and new ram for approximately 350-400+tax depending on the ram.

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  1. If you're going to go with 3 wait a month, Intel's new Core microarchitecture is coming out then and early tests have seen some incredible results, comfortably beating any of AMD's offerings. Otherwise go for the Opteron.
  2. I will have about $400.00 total to spend, I don't know that I'll be able to upgrade to the CoreDuo.

    But I do want to take advantage of a dual core CPU for improving my encoding times, that's why this dilemma.
  3. In theat case, I'd recommend the Opteron.
  4. I would wait and get a X2 when the prices drop.
    No point in spending so much on an opteron. You wont be able to upgrade your system after that because 939 will be gone.
  5. dont bother with the 4200 go with 3800 when the price drops
  6. Quote:
    dont bother with the 4200 go with 3800 when the price drops

    Agreed, especially if the X2 3800+ gets a price drop similar to what the 3800+ went through this week :

    Even though I doubt that the X2 3800+ will drop below 175$, a hundred dollar drop is worth the wait.

    I'm sure that a 400MHz OC on stock Vcore is definetly possible, '06 E4 Manchesters have that much headroom...
  7. Any idea on when the price drop will happen?
  8. drop will happen at the conroe launch time. so at July 23-24th
  9. Right now...Opteron.
    Next week...Conroe (if avaliable).
  10. None, go with Conroe.
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