Laptop key fell off, how do I get it back on?

The "I" key fell off my laptop. I can still use it it I press the space where it was at, but I would much rather prefer to get it back on. I have a couple pictures (I apologize for the quality, my camera phone isn't great) to help explain the problem.

I would appreciate any help. Thanks!
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  1. Seems like the square metal piece goes on first, with the circle metal piece after, and the key on top. Are there any latches or hooks on the key or space?
  2. Like what the guy above sed, try and re-arrange the bits that fell out so they fit best. Then the key should simply clip back on. Just align it over the space wer it went, press fairly hard and it should click back into place. Its kinda odd for bits to have com out tho.. al the ones iv seen the key rests on a litte cradle like thinglike a squashed "x" lever arrangement on each side. Maybe you should see off the missing pieces will clip back that way.
  3. I'm probably late on replying to this. Check to see if there are any "latch" markings that are broken off, etc. If there is a single latch that is broken on it than there isn't much you can do. I haven't found a good source of replacement keys w/ latchings (and if its broken off of the actual keyboard layout then yer really SOL).

    What I've had to do before was actually call the mfc. of the laptop and have a customer pay for shipping/part cost of a new keyboard layout, dissasemble the laptop and install the new one. This is the worst case scenario because he had a 3-clip system that was based on the layout and all 3 clips had broken off.

    If you don't have any broken latches then reattaching should be relatively easy, just kind of align the two smaller items first and get them onto the board, the button can go on last and usually theres a certain direction you want to pressure it towards, you don't want to push too hard because then you'll be back at square 1 with broken latches.
  4. You can install the key back on the laptop keyboard if you follow this keyboard repair guide:
  5. what is the white part that fell off the key called?
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