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Need help deciding which parts to buy for a Game server. I have Cable internet, and my price range is about 500-600 maybe 650. I only plan to use this for homebrew Bf2 servers. they will be only ran during the day,not 24/7, already have a monitor for it and im pretty sure i dont need speakers ;D. I already have my case (Alienware 7500 Full tower case) this case comes with NOTHING ON IT. No PSU, no CD drives, nothing, just a key, got it off ebay for 27 bucks. heres what im thinking of.

AMD 3500+130-135.99
Abit Mobo(anything with a PCI-E slot)60-70
enermax 430W 39.99
western digital 40GB HDD SATA 45.99
corsair 512MB DDR2 36.99
LG CD/DVD:RW 26.99
evga 6600LE 78.99 128MB
total: 419-427 dollars tax and shipping not included

Suggestions or changes are welcome as always. Very Happy
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  1. A couple of 15,00 rpm scsi hd's,a much faster processor, and a shitload more of really fast memory should do it, unless of course you only plan on hosting it for only four players.

    BF2 requires 2gig of memory to run right on your own machine, not 512.
  2. wow, 2GBs? dang, looks like another 100 goes into it, maybe i shuld change my price range from 600 to like 800-900
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