Silverstone Big Fan, 120 mm, Direction of Airflow

well this is a nice fan. here's some URLz

about $15 & this fan is good enough for me.

what direction is the airflow ?

most fans i've seen have little arrows, one indicates the direction of rotations, the other shows the direction of airflow.

one side of the fan has 4 supports that support the motor and route wahrs to the fan motor.

does the air blow towards the side with the 4 supports, or away from it ?

thanks !
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  1. It's easy to tell the direction of the airflow.
  2. Quote:
    well this is a nice fan.

    Yes it is and it is the only 120mm fan I use for all my builds both on the case (with exit grill removed for full airflow) AND on the HS for the cpu (useing Thermalright SI-120 cooler).

  3. thanks Mucho for the Info.

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